Crashing issues



Game mode: Online
Problem: Performance | Misc
Region: EU

  • The servers that aren’t full all crash even on the loading screen or before you even get to the river.
  • You can never rejoin a server.


it is not possible that there are only 40 players of 40 … increase the ability to contain more people in a server, and the pvp servers that become only pvp no that only destroys from 11-5 this and pve


Editing post a bit for clarity and objectivity. We were aware of an issue with the PS4 server browser that made it seem like the game would hang when trying to join a full server, which should have been fixed earlier today. We’re aware of and investigating reports of crashes, particularly in crowded servers. We hope to have a crash fix patch out soon.


i tend to freeze and crash whenever there is a cave nearby, if thats any help


when you freeze in game its registering that your still playing because you have to force close the program you have to wait till your character to die to be able to get back into your server