Game Freezes, Then Can no longer join Server

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Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc
Region: [NA]

Repro steps:
1.Once game froze, near east end of river.
2.Wont load server after that.

Tried, Playing Co-op for about 5 mins, was able to log in to server till it froze again, after logging in desert.
Then couldn’t join server again.


same error. But I`m trying to connect to official servers

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I cannot connect to any server. I select a server and the game just sits there. I can do solo, no problem. Reinstalled and rebuilding database on PS4 to see if it helps.

It didn’t help…

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Didn’t think it would, it’s happening with too many people. Hopefully they have it patched here pretty soon and I don’t come back to all my stuff being raided lol

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At least you got in, never had the chance to set up and get raided lol.

Yea server 3580 NA PS4 is also freezing on the loading screen when ever my guys try joining. I think it might be to changing our clans name but could be coincidence. I had changed our name and then everyone that was in base the game froze. Then we all closed app and tried rejoining the server and it would freeze on the loading screen at half or almost full. The only guy that didn’t freeze was across the map. But when he died he had then froze and not anyone of our clan members can join :confused:

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Server 3651

3 players Froze near shattered bridge
4th player(clanmate) froze near unnamed city

Haven’t been able to relog into that server since

Changed servers to 3606
Same issue but all four players along narrow river just north east of unnamed city, frozen and unable to relog

Frustration mounting 2 pvp characters above level 20 something in 2 days and no desire to play single player

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