Freezing lockups and unable to log back in

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Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash | Bug
Region: Americas

Cant seem to stay in an official server for long till it freezes once it does there is no logging back in to that server it locks up in the loading screen. On any of the three servers I have tried. I have tried waiting 10 min between log in attempts.

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Yep having the same issue… I probably got a good 3 hours of work into a server with some friends when it crashed on me and now whenever I try to load back it(provided there’s a free slot) it gets a little ways into the loading screen and crashes. Every time I try. I’m so mad lol

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Make that three… 50$ for a game I cant even play… we need a fix asap please!

Official server 3819, I get past server screen to the “Conan Exiles” loading screen and the loading bar fills completely up then freezes. I’ve tried 7 times. Restarted my PS4 and restarted my router. I had 10 hours of game time in and I froze right next to an enemy and now can’t log in. Day one and I can’t even get in? Seriously? Extremely frustrated. I had hoped this dev would be better than others but my hopes have been dashed.

It is very frustrating, the dev’s know about it and try to fix it soon. See this related post: PS4 PVP Server 3578 login freeze

Same thing happened here twice in a row, 1st time froze up near shattered bridge. Had to exit game could not log back in for about an hour. Finally logged back in character had died and I spawned back into desert. Went in towards noob river headed right and froze up for a second time have not been able to log in for the last four hours despite multiple attempts. -_-

i got that too right. literally went up the river from the bridge and froze near spider cave. ot happened 3 times before but i managed to log back in the desert all three times. IM THINKING, that the reason we cant log back in, is because the character is alive and in the freeze screen zone. i think.

and like, its cool that they looking into it but they should LOOK INTO IT now. people litterally cant play. theu cannot join a server.

Same. I just started a co-op game and invited my friends.