Game froze and can't get back in

Game mode: Online PVP
Performance: Crash
Region: EU

I was walking from my base (left of the big starting river) towards the swamp and froze when i was somewhat halfway-ish the river/near the big bridge. I reloaded the game and had apparently died so i started at the desert again. When i wanted to run back for my gear the game froze on me again when i was getting closer and i haven’t been able to get back in the server anymore since. I assume it’s because ingame i’m stil alive this time and it’s crashing each time it loads the faulty/bugged area again. The loading bar stops at the exact same spot each time too.

I’m not sure but i think it has to do with the last update with the minor fixes because i was around that area yesterday and had no trouble whatsoever, but it could be i wasn’t in the exact same spot.
I lost my good gear because of this :c

Repro steps:

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Sam goes for mid map where elephants are, and the big flaming tower. Whole clan crashed and everyone lost their stuff and several hours of struggle to get back in, just to spawn at the desert, no corpse to be found… FIX PLEASE.