Game Freezing and Frozen Load Screen

Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash | Bug
Region: US

So my friend froze outside someone’s base. I then went to get his gear for him but I froze aswell when I went near his body. We then tried to join back but are loading screen froze.

Eventually I managed to join back 2 hours later of trying and I was dying of dehydration in the desert and it said I died of thirst. Me and a different friend then went exploring and we then randomly both froze at the same time and the same thing happened again. Frozen loading screen.

So here is my theory some areas of the map become bugged and when you go into that area you freeze and when your frozen in that loading screen your character is still loaded and dying in the world in that bugged area but you can’t actually join the server until you die multiple times.

Repro steps:
1.explore online server until you find bugged area
2.enter bugged area and freeze
3.wait in frozen loading screen whilst your character is loaded and dying.
4.join and try to avoid that bugged area for now on because it will freeze you again

Nope not a correct fix ice been stuck in infinite load screen for over 4 hours now for pve server 3728