Server crash and freeze load screen and in game

Everytime I try to go back into my server 3500, America. It crashes and freeze in game.

Were you ingame when you crashed first? If so, what were you doing, and where were you in the game world?

Same problem here, froze in game on a little island near shattered bridge, freezing everytime i try to log in. Its like a memory dump area.
something killed me earlier and i managed to get back in, like a fool I went back to look for my gear and hit the same spot and same problem. Nothing killing me this time, its been 2hours.

I don’t want to start over I had just hit level 30

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My game froze when I was heading back down to south river to get my friend then he froze also since that I have tried the server around 20 times it is on PS4 EU server 3021 I am very unhappy with this experience

Me2 server 3105 EU
Game chrashed and now the loading screen freezes every time…

Btw are you guys a bit retarded? Didn’t you learned nothing from the desaster when the EA pc lounged 2 years ago?
I mean how stupid you could be to offically launch this game with this few servers with only 40 player spaces?