Server doesn’t let me log in

Game mode: Online/ PVE
Problem: Bug
Region: [America]
Server No. 3730

Freezes at loading screen and won’t let me log in.


yea basically u get on a server after u get past the " full servers" and even then you might freeze have to restart ur app and not be able to go back in

Were you playing on here before, or was this your first time attempting to log into the server? Several US servers went down last night, but should be back up now.

Sorry for the double post, but I’d also like to add that there is a known issue with the PS4 server browser where the game appears to hang/freeze when trying to join a full server, and you have to hit the console’s back button in order to do anything. We should be fixing this soon.

Are all PS4 servers down right now? I just downloaded the PS4 update and all servers are invalid.

Yes, there was an issue with the latest update and it should be resolved now. Please update your client and try again.

Am facing the same issue of loading screen freeze EU3021. When will this be solved !!

Sane problem 3105

Tomorrow is a working free day in EU so there will be no fix till friday or propably monday…

after words even tho it shows the server is full for me my friends count that its not if this could be fixed soon it would be much aprecciated

Same with me any ideas on how to fix it?

Hi @sterben and @bruiser32w, which server numbers are we talking about?

Regardless of the server. There are spots in the map that will FREEZE your game. Everytime you re-attempt to enter the game. It will refreeze. The only way back in the game is to die. Then you can come back. If you return to the spot to retrieve your body you will freeze again and the pain continues. This has made the servers almost completely unplayable. I have ran into at least 7 spots that have kicked me out. Over 10 of my friends who play are also having this issue, forcing us to not be able to play together. Everyone is now behind the “new server” powercurve to anyone who has not reached these lag zones. No issues in single player. If we could also get ques for full servers to just wait in line to join would be nice. This is a great game, just need to fix these bugs. I literally don’t play it at the moment because im already locked out of 7 severs, and do not wish to restart constantly. Thank you for looking into these issues. Waiting for next patch update to start playing again.

This issue exists on ALL Official Servers.

And this is still happening after today’s PS4 patch?

@AndyB yeah… Server 3995 PS4 south america still have eternal loading screen after the patch

having the same prob. its been 2 days now.
I can log in a new server, creat and play, but if i logoff, i cant return to it… odd.

Still unable to see server I was playing in 3893

Server number #conan exiles 3728 ps4 pve but the new update fixed it so im can now get in But thanks for asking

its been 3 days now… thats not right. i bought it. i liked it so much and i cant play

double post but still waiting for a fix or workaround