Stuck on server loading screen!

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Game mode: Online | official
Problem: Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc
Region: [Us America]
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My clan and I froze in game, server US 3508 tried relogging even restarted game and PS4 pro to now server freezing while loading screen. It’s been hours now. Have tried other games etc which work perfectly fine. Please fix.


happened to me too on 3588 been loading screen freezing for three hours now!

I have the same problem.

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Happend to me aswell on server us #3728 pve any ideas on how to fix this?


I’m with you THE ROMAN EMPIRE hasn’t been able to log on for 7 or 8 hours on 3728 pve


Yah its sad but i dont hold it against them it really is a great game and about the same amount of time for for Fairy Tale my tribe. But the game just came out and not to many bugs i have seen exept for this. But over all great game mabye see you around sometime.

Yea I played over 12 hours straight nearly I have 1 massive fortress and 1 outpost thousands of metal ingots I’ve killed the giant croc and giant spider a wooly mammoth or two and a lot more but cause of this I lost 200 sandstone foundations rare heavy royal armor and a lot of weapons

3101 pvp stuck at loading screen for hours. Restarted ps4 and internet. Doesnt fix anything

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Same… Clan the misfits 3 out of the 5 of us are stuck was right around the pillar to the bridge in oasis and it bluescreened of death and cant log back in bluescreens every time…server 3728 as well…

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Its happening one by one among our friends throughout the game. Some hit a certain spot and it blue screens them and kills them, forcing them to start over just to freeze again. I logged out in my base properly and tried to log on today and get stuck in the loading screen… Tried another server and the same thing. Came back and it loaded but it started me at the very beginning with absolutely nothing all over again and then it froze literally 5 min in and booted me out again. Not very happy. Now myself and 4 of my friends can’t even load into the server at all.

Official Server #3728

Awesome game but very frustrated at the moment. Has some glitches but that’s ok and fixable at least we were able to play. Gamer tag is my user name. Hope to see this fixed ASAP please or hear that you know something is wrong at least and that you are coming out with a solution to fix it.

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This is turning into more and more 3728 players… Please fix this…

I love this game its awesome but this new issue is horrible now 4 out of 5 of us are stuck doing the same thing

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Same problem. My clan members passed a small shrine and all blue screened on PS4, none of us can log back into US 3588

Game mode: Online | Singleplayer
Problem: Performance
Region: EU | US

Hi Funcom,
I´m very excited about conan exiles. Great game. We are playing together in a four team. We started and tried to play on an official EU-Server from G-Portal (#3001) yesterday evenening. We all experienced massive performance problems (long lags) till a complete freeze which was only solved by closing the game. After that were no longer able to connect to the server again, the loading screen never ended.

So we changed to an official G-Portal US-Server (#3519) . We experienced some lags but not the much as on EU #3001. But there were other bugs, I will report in an other topic.

We also experienced lags of about 3-4 seconds while playing a koop game.

Hopefully in fixing the problems and with kind regards