Stuck at loading screen!

Game mode:official server 3327
Problem: stuck at loading screen!!!
Region: Asia

Was playing fine for a few days, my character died this morning and I was unable to spawn. Exit the game and now I am forever stuck at loading screen! Wtf!

Other servers are working fine for me is there anyway to fix this? I did everything from uninstalling Conan on my PS4 to restarting my internet.

Please do something!!!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Stuck at loading, too. Unable to play…

Asia 3328 same issue.

Not even a reply from the admins… great job you guys are doing

It seems even PC has this problem… no point restarting on a new server if this happens everywhere

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Same here in Australia Even after restarting a number of times even changed from wifi to lan

This is a huge problem please fix it!

I finally got in after 15 min

I had mine on for hours but it’s still on loading…
Hope the refresh the servers or something

Look at the whole list of issues! Even ark did not have such problems when they just started!

Me too. 3327 cannot login.

I think the whole server 3327 is down…so as a lot more other…don’t know what they are doing

Same here in South America servers. We need a solution to that! Funcom, fix it!

Same issue and its going on for a long time now. Hope they fix this.

I still cant log

Same here, 5 hours trying and nothing… server official 3995

It’s been 24hrs omg do something

more than 36 hours for me

I am being forced to play on American servers cuz the South americans are with eternal Loading problems…and is pain… Cuz i have even more freezes cuz the ping is higher

Finally working for 3327

Im still trying to play but i cant!!! Infinite load screen

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