Stuck on server load

Game mode: Online
Problem: Stuck on loading server
Region: Eu

This is unplayable. I’ve tried a bunch of PVP-C EU servers and I get stuck on loading at all of them. Tried restarting, deleting save, reinstalling.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


A horas de la tarde. No suelen funcionar ningun servidor en condiciones. También note que en algun servidor no me deja ni comenzar partida.
Es un problema gordo que esperemos que soluciónen

This issue has been going on for weeks now…example…if I log in to play for an hour or two before going to work…it will now mean I wont be allowed to log in again until the next daily server reset, this often also happens if my character suffers a disagreement ingame and is forced to go back to bed lol, sadly I often cannot get back ingame. Ark veteran here who came to Conan as was recommended and hoped it would be more playable than Ark. This game seems to decide a few hours gameplay is fair and boots you to allow others their few hours…this is how it feels. The amount of my time wasted grinding to replace lost items is unreal, I also suffer from the mysterious death and spawning naked at the start point, ok put all your stuff away safe works …IF the game allows you to stay on long enough to do this, I seriously dont see the point in not being able to wear armour etc in case the game kicks you mid fight, like halfway down the stairs int he frost temple lol shame because this seems to be a great game when it will let you play…

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@MibsXX This is not a solution to your current problem but I know quite a few people from EU are playing on American servers with out a problem. Hopefully update comes at the end of the month and solves these problems.

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I can only give you tips:
This is happening to alot of people including myself. The solution is try logging in after server restarts and stay logged in if you can get in. If you cant get in on the first try dont bother to keep trying it wont work.

If you want to finish playing but know you will play later in the day stay logged in naked and leave the game on. you wont be able to get back in once you leave the server.

Never sign out with anything equipped on your body or action wheel. Only recommending this because if you try logging in and you get stuck at the loading screen. There is a small possibility you will really log in but stay at the loading menu. While in game your character will die over and over from starving or being thirsty even though you are not in the game. You wont know if this happens until you finally sign on after one of the server restarts and look at your event log. I have lost 2 Final Breath of the Red Mother because of this.

That’s all the advice I can give.This is what I do to keep actually playing Conan. Good Luck getting a response form the team they seem to keep avoiding this topic only stating they know about it and are working with GPortal on the issue. :yawning_face: :roll_eyes:


Thank you, I did notice that ALL of funcoms games players seem to be reporting the exact same issues! I woke up this morning, 9m GMT, went and rendered Ark servers in, ignored Conan on purpose so I could actually play after work… 12 hrs later trying to log in to Conan… nope nada no entry the gits… on the one day this working able to buy new games and DLCs person doesnt have to get up the next day! Grrrrrr


MibsXX yes 3041 was a good server but with no one looking into this issue the server will die. I tried logging in at 9am with not being able to log in. My loading bar went to max and that’s it. Our clan is frustrated and everyone else. Probably working on Siptrah for consoles and ignoring the main game. I started playing Valheim and that’s much better. Least I can log in. I did log on yesterday for 30 minutes before it froze then I couldn’t log back in. Cannot log in today either. All my hard work will disappear.

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Yea, this is happening to me too on 3828. Load bar fills then nothing, just sits there indefinitely. Happens pretty ever day after PVP time starts I feel. Really worried to lose my gear… Hope they fix it soon

Its now been 48 hours since my last gameplay on 3041, none of my teammates are also able to get on, on this one server alone I know players from UK, France, Spain and Portugal are having the exact same issues, so we know it isn’t our consoles or our internet connections, does anyone from Funcom actually read these posts? It would be nice to have a few ideas for a fix from them before my friends completely lose interest in this game we have come to love , when we can actually play it. We were going to buy the isle of Siphta when it came out, not so keen now if we are not going to be able to play

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Yo también estoy con el mismo problema. No puedo entrar. Antes era a las cinco se jodia ahora a las 12 de la mañana, tampoco deja entrar. El juego es bueno pero si esto sigue asi, creo que ya no jugare más al juego. Haber si los admin lo leen y dicen algo, que nosea lo de siempre.

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