PS4 PVP Server 3578 login freeze

Game mode: Online
Problem: Loading screen free upon when trying to log into the server.
Region: [NA]
Me and my friends were playing and everybody froze while we were inside our house. We then closed the application, and when we tried logging back into the server, the we can’t load past the L on the
“Conan Exiles” loading screen.

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Yea i have the same problem

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Same problem here on PS4 pro. It’s not just NA pvp servers but also EU pve. Game is not playable. When I finaly join a game after trying for 30 minutes its freezing after playing a little while. So I can waste 30 minutes again to try to join a game.
Yet another game that is broken for sale. Last game I pre ordered.

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Yeah same here I got a good 3 hours of work put into server 3800 before it crashed on me and now whenever I’m able to even TRY to get back into this packed server, it gets a bit into the loading screen then crashes again. And again. It’s ridiculous.

This is why they should have ran a test on PS4

Yeah it’s weird we never got an early access :frowning: I can’t believe how crazy they underestimated their player base, we should’ve had twice as many official pvp servers as they gave us


3812 same problem server log freeze

I played on a own made server with 15 people. It was working fine and had a good time. When I was done playing I tested the official server again that had 11 players (most people went to bed) I could join again with no problems so I think it has something to do with the amount of players on the server.

Same on 3500 over America

Was there any specific location where you may have crashed? I heard reports about some folks having issues near the Shattered Bridge/“noob lagoon” area, but need more information.

Also, several US servers went down earlier last evening so that may be part of the issue. :sweat_smile:

I don’t think it is area specific. Like I posted before, I had no problems playing on a less populated server but I could not play on a 35/40 official EU server. I play on europe so it has nothing to do with US servers going down.

Yeah, just wanted to cover a couple complaints about possible issues with getting back on US servers. We have some possible crash fixes going in soon but I just wanted to gauge what may have been going on.

So you’re saying that it seems like you’re fine when there’s less people around, but on a more crowded server you just start crashing when you try to play? We think we have a possible crash cause that’s related to that in a roundabout way. Just wanted to make sure.

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AndyB, I can’t get in at all. I am in the server lobby, select an open and not full server, but the server does not load at all. The game just remains in the server lobby, and I can back out, but the server does not load, it doesnt even go to the splash screen. I just sit there, listening to the music looking at the server listing…I have asked about this in several places, but no response. I cannot play online on the PS4. I can enter just fine on PC, so I don’t think this is a “me” issue.

Yeah, there is a known issue with the PS4 server browser that might cause what you’re experiencing @Muanthuun. We just pushed an update on PS4 so our official PS4 servers have just went through rolling restarts. Please snag the update and see if that at least helps with regards to the feedback you should get when logging into a full server.

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I have exactly the same problem as you, Muanthuun.
Nothing happens after I select a server. All I can do is back out, and it takes straight to the main menu.

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Downloading now, will update. Thanks for replying. Was worried no one would.

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Patched but no servers showing, including private.

Edit…They all show as invalid.

Same problem on official 3104 EU, me and 6 others were all exploring when we all crashed when entering the same area. Now it always freezes at the loading screen and we cant log back in. It was near bonepicker camp

Regarding what you were talking about a specific area that causes a freeze, my clan has made a house in the greenzone in between Freya’s hovel, the Breach, and Sanctuary Ruins that has a spot basically in the back yard that causes a freeze. One clanmate was looking around, got frozen. Another clanmate went to look for his body to pick up his stuff, and froze. Same thing happened to another clanmate. They told me to make some javelins to kill their bodies from a distance to see if they could at least revive, and I froze. First guy said he died of thirst while on the loading screen and tried to come find where I froze because it was practically where our back yard was, and he froze again. Now we are all stuck on the loading screen unable to log in. Server is 3802 btw.


Hi. Pretty much the same issue that most people here have. I was messing around and changing my clan name and the game froze exactly when I submitted the name change. I waited a few minutes, restarted and then tried to log back but was unable to. The load bar is stuck between the L and E in Exiles.

I logged into the single player and then attempted to relog in again but that did not work.

Server #3804