Server problem all is full

Hi everybody,
I have a problem, I have full server on the game to display but all full, including the one I bought via g-portal but protect by a password, they are absolutely all full … an idea to solve that?

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I downloaded and logged in but only shows two pvp online severs and both are locked, how are you supposed to play.

Servers opened now

I can’t even get in. I select the server, but it never loads. Only thing I can do, it select back and do it again

I dont have that problem, are you sure you pick server with free slot?
I was in game before half hour…

Same problem … all server full … I m happy for Funcom but need opening other server

We’re in the process of opening more.


Any ETA? Dont need an exact time but more like, tommorow or within the next 2-3 hours?

Ya, selected many different ones. Even 2/40 ones. How long it take once selected to load?

It’s really disappointing when the game chrashes after I spent all day working on leveling a character and building a piece of land for myself. Especially when I try to get back on and there’s now no more room on that server. More infuriating STILL is when I refresh the server list until there is an open slot(10+ minutes) and the game gets almost completely done loading… before crashing to a blue screen. Over. And over. I’ve probably spent 2 hours now refreshing and trying again, and I’ve gotten over 15 blue screens. This is heartbreaking, funcom

So my clan has a rental server that is having issues one of our members is encountering an issue where one of two things happens. Most commonly the server is listed as full (20/20) when we know there are only two ppl on the server. Returning to the main title screen and attempting to redo the search results in a message stating “Cannot connect to server.” Followed by something about network feature being available from the PlayStation while the game displays a error window stating that I’m not logged into PlayStation network (all this while I’m in a PSN party) alternatively what happens is that the server displays correctly but once I enter the password and enter the loading screen the load stalls just over halfway. No such issue when loading onto official servers. Please advise.

Can I get some advise on my glitch found at comment 11 on this thread, cheers.

Update: Not a good look when a genuine issue on your forum has gone unaddressed or directed for three days. Clear where the money is going hope the Devs can join the dots because if it’s up to Community Management we’re all in trouble.

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We are having the same issue with a dedicated (pw-protected) server. One of my friends cannot join.

Any news? Any help from Funcom? Anything.

The problem is definitely on Funcom’s end. I’ve asked from G-Portal and they say they’re in touch with Funcom regarding this issue.

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