Serverlist freezes internet + lost connection with host

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Serverlist freeze, Internet crash, cannot load into any server]
Region: [EU]

Hi all,

I’ve encoutered several similar cases to my problems, but I seem to have gathered them all at once :expressionless:
Here’s my story. It’s only been 3 days since I’ve had the game and I’ve barely been able to play online. Even offline, today, it takes a ridiculous time to load my save.

Anyway, first, as many others on ps4, loading the server list freezes my internet connection for several minutes, PSN, router, computers and phones included.

Then, when I have the chance to see my 2 favs servers after the wait, most of the time, they’re shown full with a 9999 ping or something, including a private server I’m part of, locked with a password…

Then, if by any chance it’s working and I try to enter, either official or the private one, the loading screen either freezes near the end, nothing else happening, or a message pops up telling me I lost connexion with the host. Back to main menu, again and again.

I’ve been able to play a bit yesterday on official and private servers, after having spent something like 1/1.30 hours trying in the morning and in the afternoon. Same amount of time lost today, without any success though.

I really enjoy the game, this is quite frustrating not being able to play with others :frowning:


Yea I’m having similar issues. . More so in my offline side… don’t do the online much … but I go into single mode offline. . Goes to the loading and just before you think it’s finish it just goes on forever not kicking over to the game and just hearing the endless conan music … LAWD !!