This game is certainly not fixed in anyway

so after the failure of the latest update i went through all the tricks was able to join after 10 or more attempts to get into the server menu with the lost connection issue was able to play online and now today every time i join my server auto crashes 3 times in a row , if you think you have fixed the main problems then you need to look again cause you have not and your way of dealing with this entire situation has cause many people to stop playing , if that was your intent on killing your game off and making players leave would it not of been easier to just turn the game off and say we are finished cause you have destroyed any credibility you once had which in my opinion was not much , so thank you funcom what a great job you are doing .

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Hi there,

Instead of wasting your time typing it, as well as my time reading it; could you try putting actual details into your bug report instead of using it as a way of bashing the devs?

Do you have any mods? If so, which ones?
Which server?
Is the server private or official?

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i have already done a bug report and tried every fix that is out there it just seems a new problem everyday and I as a paying customer have every right to be a bit upset with what is going on , I love the game but not that much to continue with these major problems ,I run a business and if I treated my customers the same way i would not have a business and WE as paying customers have every right to complain some people have spent 100s of euros to play this game and should have a product that at least works and your tone does not go well with me sorry to say maybe some lessons in customer care would help ?

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So it sounds like they’re working on it then. More fixes are on the way and that bug report helped then. Submitting this trojan horse of an insult only slows down that process.

Ok karen

Lemme talk to you, as a fellow business runner; things happen. I highly doubt your business is perfect and I know mine isn’t, which is why I don’t demand the same of others. You’ve probably had several unconstructive complaints, and I bet you didn’t enjoy that. Why do the same to others?

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you work here or just a troll mate ?


Neither? I actually do sales IRL and my biggest pet peeve is people who are so vague with explaining things and then get angry when you can’t read their minds. That’s basically how your post comes off, try to include more information if you want something to come from it, or save us all the headache and delete it


i do not need to give anymore information as i have stated i have done so already , I was just letting them know that what they think is fixed is not and I do not need to justify myself to you .

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Then you didn’t need to make another thread if one would have sufficed.

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I am free to do as I please if your intention is to just cause further problems then enjoy

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Your opinion is duly noted and appropriately filed.




this company is run by jokers thanks for moving my post so others cannot see it job well done

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Nobody who’s posted here works for funcom, and the post was most likely moved by a volunteer mod. It fits though, if you’re not actually reporting a bug it doesn’t belong in the bug reports.

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yet another case of a community member siding not with his community, this is the kind of crappy attitude towards someone who has EVERY RIGHT to complaint regarding how the game is doing , especially after last patch.

with all due respect., i am going to be blunt with you, since you must be new around here, problems after patching in this game comes more often than normal, if you were to be around for lets say the last 2 years you will understand that something is not right with the patching and testing process, is simply not good enough for industry standards, yes there are problems with every game, and it seems that for some those standards need to be sacrificed and simply accept poor results. Even with its problems , lots of us like the game, but there is every legit right for anyone to complaint about it. Especially VERY TRUE with latest patch (it was a disaster in many aspects).

as long as the complaint is not INSULTING,(by that i mean attacking someone personally) it is perfectly legit to do so, if you are going to be lurking this place, be used to it.

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This ain’t some sided thing, chief. Your take is bad and your misuse of the bug reporting system is worse.

So do so in general like the post is in now, or structure your bug report like an actual bug report instead of an unoriginal game bad post #203948392384828

been here since day one early access, king.

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good for you so have I but it is obvious you are just a troll sadly and i did report constant crashing when trying to join a game so it was a bug report in some way

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Aha! There it is! Someone disagrees with you so they must be a troll. The infallible defense, everyone with a different opinion is a troll.

And when asked for details you said you wouldn’t provide any, ergo making it not one.

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then act like one.

it is, it is obvious this patch came with some serious problem. according to you , he cant complain about it? seriously? it doesnt matter how it reports it, he has every right to report it any way he sees fit, (with the exception of being disrespectful to others, or calling people names)

what does it has to do with me reporting bugs? how is this part of this thread? are you derailing the post itself with something entirely different?

well they should be thankful people is using their time to file their opinion , it means they care. and yes i agree the post should have been posted here. in that i am in agreement. but you have to understand, some post are filled with frustration, and be mindfull that the frustration is coming from bugs introduced by the developers…

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maybe so but your tone has been how a troll would act so rather than being so maybe just read leave it be and go on about your day and yes i did do a detailed bug report a few days ago , i run an rp server which I and others have put a lot of time and effort in and money as well to not be able to play said game which i point out is continuing to take money while we cannot play cause the server provide as far as they are concerned say it is funcoms problem , anyone wanting to reimburse us for the lost time ? I think not we just want the game to work and in its current state it is not playable with or without mods , some fixes work for others some do not but should we have to find workarounds for a game so broken we did not cause this and yet we are the ones suffering from it , devs taking the weekend off ruined a lot of game time for everyone else so if you want to wind someone up go do it to someone else

I couldnt agree more with you bardika its not only that they have created a disaster for most of the players since last patch 16 of june, they dont seam to care because nothing is really done to help the players in trouble.
Its the same that happened in AOC (Age of Conan) they destroyed their own game.
Funcom used to be a group of nice fellas in the past when all started I played AOC since 2009 till they messed all up.
Great games but they seam to get out of their hands and the way they ignore players now is umbeleivable.

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Hi Jimbo - from an active community member, and one who has been present from day 1 early access, this is an exceedingly blase response to a complaint.

Remember that “bug” where you had to make oil for insulated wood? T2 buildings unlocked at level 20 which couldn’t be done until level 28? That issue was repeatedly reported for eight months before it was handled.

Stop being condescending. It’s unhelpful. He has a very real grievance and you being an a-hole about things isn’t good community spirit.

This would excuse Update 1, maybe update 2, maybe even update 4 (which major issues occurred on each of these), but we’re at update 44.

If you as a business owner ignored valid feedback before releasing something, or while making a fence or whatever repeatedly, and you went out of business, would you be all “surprised pikachu face”?

I like the game, but the number of issues ignored on Testlive combined with their continuing method of “patch major issues while live” really does need to change.

OP is not being entitled. He’s being frustrated. And this is “General Discussion”, where this thread really should be. It’s not a bug report, it’s him telling off the devs and demanding a higher quality live release, which is completely correct.

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