#2 attempt: ping of 255 too high! (At least we're moving in the right direction)

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The “Bug” is galled greed, in this specific case, it is Corporate greed. Which is the worst one of all, because it’s actually self defeating.
You see, Companies that take care of their customers build something called a, “Loyal Fan / Customer Base” What this means is, you do your job correctly, and the people who have purchased your product show their appreciation.
How does this help you (AKA why should you give a rats ■■■ if people who’ve already spent money are happy) you ask?
I’m glad you asked! Because people who are happy with your product, and with your product will show your appreciation in many ways. For instance, the last time you came out with a new DLC I said, “Seriously?! you want me to buy more skins for a game I can barely play now?” and last week when you released an expansion, I thought, “Why on earth would I actually PAY for more of this buggy, laggy virtually unplayable game when clearly they have no intention of correcting anything?” The end result being, I spent no money. You got no more money from me. Yes, you did - ONCE. But that’s over now.
Additionally, happy customers (myself included) are far more likely to purchase future products from a company as we have already learned that it is a company that stands by it’s product and strives to create the highest quality product it possibly can.

Lastly, happy customers, pleased with your dedication and integrity (go ahead and google those last two words, I’ll wait . . . ) will spread the news to their friends and relatives about how happy they are with your product, they will take to the internet, in forums and social media, to rating sites and stores and laud your product far and wide (this means more people will be persuaded to purchase your product without having to pay for advertising).

Finally, to you, dear executives at funcom (I’ve now decided to stop using the capital “F” at the beginning of your company name, a proper noun, as I have determined you no longer deserve it. Think of it as a sort of grammatical “Up Yours!”), who will never actually, guess what your customers are NOT doing . . .

*Describe Bug -
funcom only spends money making shiny new skins and maps for a fresh source of $.
Can’t be bothered to fix years old bugs.
Basic explanation of customer satisfaction leading to increased profits.
funcom, no longer worthy of the capital “F” has name demoted to a common noun.

And that’s it for tonight, I have a headache after a couple more attempts and am going to bed

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