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Region: [usa]

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Ping is too high
cannot play the game and DLCs I payed for (though NOT the expansion or most recent DLC because you won’t see another dime of mine until you start F I X I N G B U G S.)

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1.double click CE icon,
2.wait 5 minutes for game to load, movie I usually can’t exit out of to finish
3.Wait for “Funcom Live” to drive my ping up by 20 - 30 points which drove me off the last server I play (1000+ hrs - thanks for that btw), choose server “Back” button because ping is too high and there is no REFRESH PING button because it’s easier to put a shiny ribbon on a half functioning product and sell it as expansions and DLCs to new costumers than it is to F I X T H E B U G S you for the customers who’s money you already got.
6.Click “Exit” button

Still too high
had to exit out again

third time
still too high
actually going up
maybe you should stop wasting time trying to code functional games and instead make a lottery type game - If You Can Connect - You Win!!

Back again after attempt # 4

It’s a new Day
Maybe I can play?
Ping to high
I can’t get in
Guess I’ll attempt
another login

If you know the server info you can directly join without ping issues. I play on a UK server with some friends and I’m in US so I was having the same problem until I started connecting directly

I can do this from an Official channel?
I tried to find that IP / PORT to direct connect as you suggested but didn’t know where to begin, so I did what anyone one on a mission would do . . .
Google Search and Youtube to the Rescue!
Everything I found was about how to direct connect to a private server and where to find the private servers info.