Loving The Game - But Major Complaint

Starting off, I’d like to say that I really like what you guys have done with the game. It’s a buggy mess, but the core game itself (which is more important imo) is excellent fun. Bugs are fixable, a bad game isn’t.

That said, I like to play with my friends on an official server, and our official server has crashed multiple times, each time with 6+ hour downtime. Once it was even down for a good 14+ hours. It’s really frustrating when I get home from work and just want to sit down and have fun in the world you’ve created. I don’t mind that the servers crash, and I really don’t even mind that they crash for as long as they do. I just want some communication from someone with who is on the Funcom payroll about it.

“Hey, sorry your server crashed. This is why it’s taking so long to get back up, but we are working on it”

Really just anything at all to let us know that you know there’s a problem, and we can expect it to be fixed sometime in the near future. Any two-way form of communication would be greatly appreciated. These 12+ hour communication/server blackouts are very frustrating at the end user.

If you would give me some sort of sign that anyone actually read this, I would be grateful. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhm maybe tell which server? Then they might be able to look into it?
Because at least #1043 seems to be working without any problem.
Well… Aside of a restart-related spooky chest-thief. :smiley:

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I reported it via their official server outage form :stuck_out_tongue: This post was more of to voice my dissatisfaction at their general lack of communication when servers freeze up.

We ended up getting it fixed by submitting a ticket to gportal directly. :smile: Again. :frowning: