Servers crashing constantly- major issue

So all night tonight-- and probably earlier, but specifically on servers I play on tonight-- servers have been ‘soft crashing’ where the ping just goes through the roof and the server appears unresponsive for several seconds up to a couple of minutes, then ‘catches up’. Restarting the server does not fix the issue. I don’t know why this is occurring, I do believe this issue started up from the most recent hotfix 3 days ago, it is when I started seeing players complaining on the issue. This game is bleeding active players and every hotfix seems to break something else. I’ve been putting “full time” hours into this game but I’ll likely be taking a break until Funcom gets their game under control.

I don’t know if you guys broke the netcode with this last hotfix or what, but this many issues coming from bug fixing patches is a joke and a disappointment. I know you work hard, funcom, but what you need is some precision with your fixes. Stop adjusting things for no reason and fix your game. I want this game to be one that I can play for years, and if it weren’t so ridiculously buggy I’d gladly make it my main game for months and months to come, because it’s so damn fun. Get your shiz together. I wanted to tell all my friends to get this game but I’m not going to do that, I can’t stand behind a game that is so broken and tell my friends to spend their free time and money on it.

PS- Oh and why can I see boobs on this forum but I can’t use a common word for feces?



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This has been happening since the 500 items patch, I’ve noticed. Maybe it’s coincidence. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s DDOS attacks. There’s no way of knowing because there is NO COMMUNICATION.

Please, we are your community. Keep us in the loop!


funcom, i might just take my money back.

I’ve given up on official servers.

Move to unofficial servers. You get better hardware and service and will have a real live admin to help resolve issues / hold events / help workaround the many bugs in the game.

If you’re interested in a great server with a fantastic admin (I’m not the admin :wink: ) DM me. We might even let you into our clan! :smiley:

This was on an unofficial server with extremely active and responsive admins who actively troubleshoot tech issues. They pay a lot of money monthly for a very solid 70 slot server that is optimized as best can be.

70 slots is too much for this game, it struggles at 40.

A. You’re missing the point
B. I never said it was a server at 70/70, it was more like 30/70, my point was the hardware wasn’t the issue, it’s funcom’s issue

You need to calm down. I get the point, trust me. I was trying to play on 1518, one of the PVE-C servers that’s still crashing almost every night for a couple of weeks. I gave up on it after a week.

I’ve moved to an unofficial server and the admin being available and actually supporting the server from a game and hardware perspective is a breath of fresh air and I don’t want to quit anymore.

My point I’m trying to make is we know we can’t have faith in FunCom to do things right so take as much influence as they have away from the game (meaning don’t play on official servers).

We have trouble on our 40 man server when more than 20 people are logged in. Lots of lag and performance issues and honestly bugs seem to happen more frequently as well. The server is probably not optimized to really be able to have more than 20 or so people on without issues, but if the limits were set to 20, we’d need to restrict clan sizes to like 2!

I play on a big private server, and we have the issue too. And its a guy attacking the 10 biggest private servers.
He claims that he does it to force funcom to react to his complaints.

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What do you mean by “attacking” the big private servers?

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He is spamming the 10 top servers on the private server list.
Look at
He is making DDos attacks on the top ten there.

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Who is? DDOS attacks are easy to avoid if the proper framework was in place. My blog was flooded by DDOS attacks and did not go down. Maybe it is a gportal Issue. I am sure people a lot better organized have tried a lot more on other games such as Minecraft.

The issue you are describing has been regularly observed and reported on both official and private servers for a long time, and—assuming competent administrators have already exhausted troubleshooting options available to them given their hosting solution—is far more likely to be (primarily) either a case of improperly configured internal network protocols (common in private servers) or of inadequate hardware allocation (endemic to both official and private servers), or both.

Based on your mention of server restarts not fixing the issue, I’m presuming that you are not playing on official servers. If the servers in your given scenario are remotely-hosted by any third party whose applicable hardware was not custom-ordered by a knowledgeable administrator, then hardware inadequacy is definitely an issue; because of this, it would be impossible to know if the symptoms you describe are the result of this or some other older/newer problem without full diagnostic access to the server… which is probably not provided. (To date, none of the boilerplate third party Conan Exiles server hosting services offer sufficient hardware to properly run a moderately-populated vanilla server at an update rate of 30. GPortal, as of mid June, is the most egregious offender, and, tragically, also one of the most popular private hosting options).

On the other hand, if the server(s) in question are locally hosted, any competent administrator can definitively track down any server performance bottleneck in a matter of minutes. The vast majority of private servers are configured and administered far less competently than their owners would have their players believe, though - and if you are unfortunate enough to be playing on such a server, these sorts of frustrations will likely only get worse with time.

Best of luck to you. I hope whatever it is gets sorted out soon, if it hasn’t been already.


i have proof its a ddoser , but i am new and cant show it

going to try and make a couple post and see if i can shar the images i was sent agfter immersive sexiles was hit

https ://

https ://

There , just put them together and you will see a guy named terrorcom trolling Immersive sexiles last weekend during primetime

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