Official Server Crash. Good job there Funcom!

Game mode: [Online | Official Server, PVE-C 1823 (PC)
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Here] US, NA

Played since day one official launch. NEVER and I mean never have had any server log-on issues on 1823, Yes, sometimes crappy FPS, rubber-banding etc…on the server, but I was always able to log in.
After your little “hotfix” everyone on the server keeps crashing and now a lot of times we cant even connect. Some of the players think it might be DDOS. While others to include myself just feel that with every little thing you try to fix you end up breaking other elements in the game. Just WOW!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Start steam or just click the CE icon on your desktop
2. Wait for CE to load
3. Pick your server you play on.
4. AHHH… unable to log in and receive the message.

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Would be nice to know the cause. I understand that nothing can be done right now. However, finding the cause and resolving it would be great.

Perhaps testing patches more thoroughly and ignoring the vocal minority who demand patches but refuse to wait. Rather have a stable fix than a quick patch.

I play on this server and can vouch for this happening. DDOS attacks should be a thing of the past with modern intelligent firewalls, but it sounds like what might be happening on #1823

I dont think its DDOS attacks, firstly, normally only popular working games get that done to them :rofl:

Seriously, Our private server has been having this trouble for the past 2 weeks now and each time the logs in the server report a different cause. I think it’s just a case of unstable software.

Probably due to human error of the person managing the server. Sounds like the host/admin does not know what they are doing.

The issue started occurring 3-4 days ago. Before that servers were stable at full pop.

LOL, thats me…
I host the server, I promise it’s not me. I have checked the server over many times, the config is the same since launch and I have run many DB checks. Its been happening to us since the patch before the Mother came out. Didn’t matter how many players were on, it was just random.

HOWEVER, still early days, but we had an issue ingame were we needed to to roll back by 1 hr. This was 2 nights ago and we haven’t had any more crashes since. Before this, the server would crash 5 times a day. Last night we had 35 players on and everything was fine.

Fingers crossed the issue is gone.

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