Official Server #1823 is crashing

#1823 has been crashing all day every couple of hours sometimes twice in a row, no idea whats causing it but its getting annoying for a game that can kill us when were offline.

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Refresh refresh refresh

yea i have been looks like the entire 1800 block of servers is down

I’ll give ya a nickle to fix it…

wait a minute…

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Oh wait… I already spent it

lol thalia?


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you must have been checking for an announcement too?

Yep! I was going to post, but you beat me to it. I :grin:

yea 1911 is talking to me on steam trying to figure out whats going on as well

we need to create a discord for this group lol

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I was thinking the same thing.

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someone needs to clean this mess up… and i dont mean the servers

well i do mean the servers, damn risette get your priorities straight

my bodies laying alone in the city (well the desert near there)… i have lost all hope of recovering my nickles

yeah hopefully it doesn’t roll back and you lose all your stuff, i mean nickels

Mine’s face down in a puddle of water… yay.

did dingus put you there?

He worked hard for that nickle