Server Crashes on PC Official Server #1811

Game mode: [Online | multiplayer
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Volcano]

Official Server #1811 on PC consistently crashes and will not reboot for almost 30 mins…


same, server #1930 here… already reported using their tool

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the same with server #1932

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The same here with 1312 and 1212 during yesterday raid time.

We have reported the issue to but it doesn’t help.

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The people on our server think its either a map issue when u go to certain areas or there is someone intentionally going around DDOS’ing it … PLEASE for the love of God help . Server #1811

There’s also still a server crash possibility caused by the wheel of pain. So some random schmuck might be adding a thrall, and boom, server dead. Good times.

Nah I dont think its that, unless it has something to do with taming thralls at the volcano maybe?

Yeah it’s when people spam interaction with the wheel of pain. It’s not fixed yet, though? I thought they patched it. Maybe not.

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hmm… I wonder if it happens when multiple people do it at the same time? Our server has been crashing back to back , once u can join again, it crashes no more than 3 mins later so I feel like its more than just that alone?

I’m sure its not the only thing that causes crashes, but on our server we’ve had to basically stop using the wheel because our mod is not always around to get it back up. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

1312 here…

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Ours crashed and hasn’t been back up in almost an hour now… It sucks cuz u lose all your gear and whatever is in your inventory in this process and cant do anything about it. And for solo players like myself, thats disheartening especially when u are in the process of building a base and lose all your mats to BS like this…

ya I guess our only option at this point would be blowing up their Report Tool page with our info

Yeah it still shows me as the last logged in user right now and i haven’t been able to connect for over an hour…

if anyone knows how to contact G-Portal PLEASE post the direct link to write a Technical Support Ticket. They need to Reboot our server more than likely…