Server #1040 crashing every day, several times a day, it's a nightmare to play on this server

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: EUrope

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  1. Server is crashing for unknown reason and staying offline for several minutes

Just look at the stats for this server
www battlemetrics com/servers/conanexiles/6663127?playerCount=RT&serverRank=7D

I’m posting here to see if anything is done about it. It’s not even fun anymore to play, every time I connect and leave the base I dread in paranoia that the server will drop with my thrall, horse and items will be lost again to whatever mobs pass by. I can understand, there are bugs, but this is a consistent bug that happens regularly, it’s so f*cking frustrating playing this game. I’m honestly this close to giving up.

This issue is not specific to #1040.

I encountered this problem in 5 different servers so far, including siptah.
It may be actual people exploiting a construction bug leading to a server crash but i’m not sure it’s the only explanation. I got the same thing on an empty server too.
It’s been worse since 2.3 came out.

Sometimes, it can happen 3 - 4 times in rapid succession. At least once every 2 hours.

I really hope it’ll be fixed soon, not only for the annoyance, but because it raises doupts between clans. People are calling each other a cheater left and right.

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I play with a lot of players of all types–including the hardcore PvP crowd-- on official PvP. We have noticed this bug as well and we can reproduce it… since the last update, looting a dead player or their lootbag can cause the server to crash (probably due to some unhandled exception). We had a hardcore war with the Chinese recently on my server and the server crashed repeatedly during a 10 v 7 battle where players were looting kits repeatedly.

@Community I won’t post repro steps here, as crashing the server can be exploited to do a lot of weird, unfair trickery, and posting it here would only allow cheaters to abuse it. But look for a message from me with repro steps.

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For sure… we knew the Chinese were meshers, so we blamed them for a while… but then we discovered it. Good news… they showed us a lot of new mesh spots to report.

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