Server 1737 Crashfest

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Server continues to crash on me. I have done a clean reinstall of the game and that did not fix the problem. I have put over 1200 hours on the game as well as buying all of the DLC’s. Needless to say that I like the game and I want to continue to play it as well as see it grow bigger. Please fix this issue.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Logon
  2. Play for a few minutes
  3. Wait for crash (10-20 minutes)

Hey @Dasum

Welcome to our community.
We’ve taken a look at the activity of that server and we couldn’t see any performance issues. Are those crashes only affecting your client? Could you let us know about your system specs so we can try to isolate the issue?
Thanks in advance.

I had difficulty yesterday evening trying to reach the entire 17xx bank of official servers. While a friend was not DC’d multiple times like I was, he did witness some abnormal server ping during the moments where I was having connectivity issues.

Would it be possible for someone to take a peek in on these servers on g-portal?

Like I said, I have put in more that 1250 hours into Conan Exiles. I have never had a connectivity issue with this game. Until 2 days ago that is. I am able to get into and play my other server that I am on, so it really does not make sense that the problem can be on my end. My system far exceeds all of your system req’s, so again, not an issue. Not trying to be difficult Ignasis, just being realistic.

My clanmate had the same issue a couple months back with the same 1737 server, waited a couple days, and the problem “resolved itself”?! Please update me with the progress of finding a solution to this problem.

We’ve received a few reports about some connectivity issues with some West Coast servers. We’re in touch with G-Portal to see what could be the issue at hand.

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