Official Server 1129 down every 10 min ...going on for days now

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: (Online official)]
Type of issue: [Enter one of the following: Crash]
Server type: [Enter one of the following: PvP ]
Region: [EU]

[Server crash > 20 times a day]

Funcom please fix this fast…as I can see this issue is on several official servers as on private too. Thats no fun to play any more

Official server 3550 NA for ps4 has the same problem, but maybe not as frequent.

My clan has lost 3 greater animals, 2 caravan rhinos stocked with hides, 2 sabertooth kittens, and a mitra archpriest because of server crashes. I wish there was at least a system in place to reimburse us when server issues put us at a disadvantage and despawn our tamed animals and thralls we’re trying to tame.

Hi Chump, your animals and thralls will usually go back to the last position you placed them on guard. So maybe check those spots.

Funcom can you please leave a comment, if you working on this issue? 20 servercrashes and more per day takes all fun out of this game. Our high frequent server is empty now. Dont milk the cow with DLCs…fix your software…causing the server to crash.

Because the server crashed again I wanted to know if this is a issue only from 1 or 2 servers or of several servers. checked it with:
If you chose ther a server and go to downtime history you can see how often a server is down.
What can I say…all officials servers I checked was down multible times today. our server was down …only today 21 times…even found a server with over 40 crashes…
Have checked round about 20 servers and all have server crash issues.
Have not checked private servers…but would be interesting if they have the same issues.

Asia PVP official 1401 here. Exactly the same, crashes every 10 mins. Was 30 people stable online last week, now 0 population for last 3-4 days.

Hey there,
Our team is looking into it.


Thanks for your feedback. :+1:

After 2 days of stabil server it starts to crash again. 1 day before big server update and after the server update (yesterday) we had a stabil server. Today after new DLC update the server is crashing even worth than before. Game not able to play.

We’ll poke our team and G-Portal about this again and see if they can provide any update on the situation.

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