Official PvP 1129 server issues AGAIN

AS pretty much all the other posts in this forum latley.
Server is having issues again, though today we cant even connect too it.
Every day it will break and cant harvest or mobs wont attack
At least once a week this issue of not being able to log in happens
More often the whole server ends up dead for hours.

Not really sure why im making this post since the servers have been issues since early access.
Remember it was originally supposed to be 70 players per server but funcom reduced it after too many server issues with the promise of increasing it again.
Never happened because the servers cant even handle 40 people.
But hey funcom always say how they are working on performance issues i mean they did develop the MASSIVE pet pens too help with performance issues.

They still pay for lower quality servers from Gportal than ANYONE who privately rents them.
If you ever have the debug hud open youl see that the servers will never pass 30 server fps. because funcom has cheap locked budget servers.
Private ones will be 60 or more server fps with more bandwidth also.

But hey funcom dont even have any official support which is why we have to wait hours and hours for gportal to eventually work their way though all the messages they get asking them to restart servers.

Its not like this game has made Funcom a tonne of money and got them well out of bankruptcy and into making a good profit … oh wait it did.


Totally agree. havent been able to connect for several hours and i disconnected in the middle of a field between lots of wolfs with my inventory full…
i started on this server about a week ago and allready within the first hour i noticed i couldnt attack or harvest anything but i thought maybe that was just a bad day. now after building a strong ish base, got a clan and almost leveled up i kindof regret my decicion on chosing this server. every day theres lag,rubberbanding, invaunerable targets, cant harvest anything for periods of time and just generally a really bad playing experiance. ive played this game on and off since early accsess and really want it to do well. but these cheap crappy servers alone are pushing people away and eventually it might just leave the game deserted.

several hours later and still cant connect. The stats on battlemetrics is saying that the server is online and thinks that we are actually playing. its even sending query’s wich are getting responded to. ive been trying to connect for hours now with no luck. ive allso noticed that the server player number is jumping between 21 and 1 all the time like it has players on it.

And down again today 3rd of Jan
Way to start a new year Funcom.
How about upgrade those servers now your ■■■■■ got saved from bankruptcy?

Hey there,

As we stated here, we’re aware of the current instability affecting official servers and we’re investigating.

Also, please do keep the feedback and conversation civil.

This has been happening for weeks though. On multiple servers.
You cant surely be saying you only just noticed?

Even the gportal staff noticed considering the amount of messages they get from players because you at funcom offer little to no support for the servers.
Since early access the servers have had issues which is why it originally went down from 70 player servers to 40 player servers while you worked on optimization, now its been well past full release and what are you guys doing? still working on more optimizations.

Oh yeah by optimmising since early access i also mean adding more unnecessary things to add to the issues eg massive pet bases which in reality on a pvp server needs to be protected which ends up having a building bigger than a building you need to place a vault, alter and all your crafting stations.
Making even more massive buildings effect the loading which you have worked for years to optimize.
And yet still you offer official servers with less specifications to any gportal privately rented server which in turns effects the whole way the server runs and adds too the struggle of loading badly optimized items.

Its no secret that Funcom was at the bring of being bankrupt and that Conan Exiles saved the company, your CEO i believe even made videos stating this on youtube as well as the financial reports that get posted too.

So how about actually putting some of the money that saved the company back into the game that saved you and upgrade the servers to see an increase in performance, which in turn will cut the constant “working on performance fixes” every patch.

Or even maybe just for once get a few of you guys to join populated official pvp servers during raid time and see for yourself the scale of buildings you have caused by design and the way the servers actually run.
Then go too some official pve populated servers and notice the difference but still its not good.
ps by populated i mean 30+ people online.
After you do that go too a populated private pvp server and then you will see the big difference.

Now once all that is out the way and you realize that the servers you are offering are sub standard you could either upgrade them of if you dont want to then offer every single player a discount for privately renting servers and supporting them.