Official server #1127 PvP issues

Just got disconnected, can not connect again. The same every evening.

Can you please fix and upgrade your servers?
(Just restarting is not the solution).


Happen again just now …

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Please check and restart server, thanks.

I come back again with this request.
The official server 1127 from 3 moths crash every day, 2 times a day. Server stays online no one can connect. The lag is huge every day. We are 40 players on that server. We use that google form 100000 times every day no one cares!!

Pleas tell us what to do ! are you gonna fix this problem who is there for moths ? You must understand this problem with this server 1127 is there for months and it is every day. We cannot w8 no more it is to much. If you are not capable to offer us a decent server shoot them down guys. I have support this game buy all meas and i have all DLC but i feel Funcom gives 0 Fuc… on us. What is the point of having this game if you cannot play it on official servers.
All this frustration comes after months of lag and continues disconnects, loosing items , body etc…
This server 1127 must be fix or shot down 3 moths of lag is to much.

Hey there,

We understand the frustration server outages can cause. Server status and connection woes are handled by our partner G-Portal. You can report and notify issues with your server using the in-game tool.

we did. they say nothing, And thy tell us server is online and all is ok.
And i buy the game from Funcom not from G-Portal. ( this is your busines and is your partner not my) do not put your problems in to our head pleas.
And if you read my post you will understand we USE your SERVER REPORT TOOL GOOGLE FORM 10000000 times in 3 moths and one cares

consider it the fact that in 3 moths Funcom was unable to fix official server 1127 i will flood this topic every time server is down.

Server Down again. Second time today


20 ish players 400 ping 4 fps this is server 1127 When pvp time will start we get 1k ping and 2 -3 FPS if server do not crush.

i will post more in 2h :slight_smile:


600 Ping 3 fps (have you try to move something from inventory when the “official” server has 600 ping?

crash just again.

:)) i think we are barking up the wrong tree

Damm, you online have a few minutes to play and you can not connect to your favorite server to enjoy with your friends.

It’s… quite disapointing. Please help us.


what is annoying is the fact that this server problems are every day. Today this server has bean offline 3 times :smiley: and if you check up time is 100% :)) so if you look at the numbers all is ok :))

Please fix the problem and not just restart the server.

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This server goes down about 2 - 3 times every 24 hours outside regular server restarts for the past 2 - 3 weeks. Server remains visible in ingame list of online servers, people are still supposedly online according to details on steam server info (including myself) but nobody can actually log on.

G-Portal says it’s Funcom’s problem, Funcom says it’s G-Portal’s problem. In the end it seems to be the player’s problem with the other parties giving us the middle finger.

Can somebody please acknowledge this problem and fix it already?

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Ive just posted about this issue here: 1127 Server issues

Heres the content:

Over Christmas this server raised to #6 on battlemetrics and was fun to be on, then crippling lag hit the server making it impossible to PvP in any decent fashion, now the lag has died down as many players have left, however the server is still usually only pumping out 10 fps. But the worst issue now is daily crashes, the server will be unjoinable for hours as its in some kind of crashed state where you can see it but noone can join. This makes it a worry to go exploring because when the server crashes you can be anywhere, if you dont have hours to wait for it to come back online your body is there with all the rich pickings on it for any and all that passes by when it eventually comes back online!

Gportal are saying they will move the server, but only at FunComs request. Please look into this server Funcom!

EDIT: The server currently crashed at 14:53 and its currently 17:40 and Im still like a sad b’stard refreshing the screen so I can log in and get my character and gear safe… When this happens late at night and a week night I have no choice but to log and worry about my gear whilst trying to sleep.

EDIT 2: See also older reports to get a sense of the life of this server.
: Official server 1127 has crashed....again

Just to update after the server has been restarted:

The server literally just crashed again. Second time today… Please fix this as its very annoying.

same problem for server 1116. i dont know whats going on… 2 hours cant connect to the server

1127 just crashed again