Official server #1127 PvP issues

Can we get some support here?

Please restart.

Since 2 hours the server is offline now. A saturday afternoon …

Crash again, please restart.

Server is down since 2 hours now. It just need a restart!

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Seems this is common - I jumped on server #1805 - Seems to be a dead PBP server - Found some despawned base areas littered with invincible thralls and no way to kill them…this is a PVP server - No wonder it has a dead population. Curious how long it will take for them to fix any of these problems multiple servers are having.

Server just crashed again.

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Take a look at, Conan Exiles servers + BattlEye + Official Server + PVP Enabled + Germany.

You will see than all servers crash around the same time!

The process :

  • “Server responded to query” many times -> but server has crash, all palyers are disconnected.
  • Then all players left the game at the same minute. -> it is the restart.
  • then “server failed to respond to query” many times -> server restarting
  • then all players can joined again.

So it is not an issue with a particular server … but the full network of Conan servers at Gportal (which is a bigger problem).

and if u go the gportal forum and say need restart he link you this s…

Aye, I post here, gportal forums and ofc the google doc. Hopefully the problem will get more attention and they will look at it with more priority.

This problem is started before last DLC and QQ evrey day since on this forum and no action :frowning:

Just crash again. Please restart it now (not in 3 hours!!!).
Thanks for your support.

I suggest that you use the report server forms to see if that will prompt the server provider to restart the server as It was out of office hours (10.30pm in Norway) when you posted your request for restart … not likely to be read or acted upon by funcom for many hours if this is the only notice they have.

Server down for 15 hours now …

Some on from funcom shod look in to this pleas, that server has problems.

Hey there, quick update.

We issued a statement yesterday regarding the server stability situation.

We apologize for the frustration this situation is causing.

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The server will crash around 21h00 / 22h00 this evening like every days, so please funcom and gportal teams be present to check this and restart the server fast, so we do not have to wait hours or the whole night to connect again.

It is called a preventive measure, thank you for your understanding.

1129 also still down even after you responded too my thread about it being down again.
As above, this happens daily and has been for weeks.
If its a serious issue, which it seems to be since it takes hours each day to resolve i would suggest making a more official status regarding the situation and what you are doing because currently just seems like you are acknowledging the situation but doing nothing.
Usually we could get gportal to restart the server but they are not paid to do your support and are a little fed up with funcom customers asking gportal for support because funcom dont offer any, and you cant deny that since this issue has been happening for weeks, daily, and still hours after you publicly admit you nkow about the situation servers are still down hours after.

G-Portal are the ones that offer support for the servers, though.
As stated previously, we’re currently investigating this issue. We appreciate any constructive feedback, and as such I would like to ask if you could all come to this thread and give us some additional details.

Server 1127
Time of crashed: Random
Time lag starts: PVP time
Players active 30 - 40
Server Ping 800 / 1000
Server FPS 3
Server crashed 2 or 3 times per day from one month daily
crashed - Server online no one can connect ( in server list you see 24 players but you cannot connect)
- Random disconnects (before you get disconnected the NPC will not take damage no recurse can be harvested then you get kick out)
- Constant roll back (if you pres shift and you run after 3 seconds it trows you back) Every day i have this problem on 1127 server
- Doors do not open (you need pick it up and place it again (re-login dos not help)

PC specs
i7 3370
16 GB DDR 3
GTX 1060 6 GB
Gigabit LAN Intel
SSD 250 Samsung Evo
ISP RDS RCS speed - 940 Mbps Download
450 Mbps Upload

CPU use 40%
GPU use 70% - 90%
HDD use under 5%

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