What is going on with official servers?

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Ignasis (CS): We’re currently investigating.

Any one has any idea what is going on with the Official servers? Lag , disconnected and server block every day.
Now i read the forum and some say pets make huge lag.
- I agree 20 pets near a huge base and you fps drop to 10 ( with a gtx 1060 6gb Medium video settings).
Now i join a privet server 35 Online and server was build up, all players had horde of pets and NO LAG, so now i ask you if a PRIVET server can handle 30 players online with huge base and horde of pets why a official server cannot ?

On the other way i understand it is a global problem but it has bean a month ( December 12, 2018 ) since the new DLC and official servers crush) and i see no fix. the server (1127) i “use” to play it has become unplayable from more then a 2 weeks, We have 20 topics in this forum and over 200 reports with the “Report Tool” and no fix no apologies no announcement.


The server should have very little influence on your rendering FPS - which, since you mention your GPU I’m assuming is what you’re having problems with.

if a 1060 6GB GTX with medium settings on 1920.x1080 is not enough. then the problem is the game :slight_smile:

Not the FPS is the problem here :slight_smile: Server fps 3 server ping 800 / 1000 login problems ( server is online and no one can connect this happens every day )

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Your GPU and the server FPS have nothing to do with each other

re: lag and stuttering - Funcom is aware; they put out a hotfix patch just before their Christmas break hoping that it would help solve it … for most it made no difference.
They released another build for the testlive servers that they hoped would also fix a number of performance issues … though reading the various reports of invisible, disappearing and spontaneous re-arranged building blocks I suspect that build will have a lot of coding changes made before it reaches live.

re: server crashes - post out a couple of hours ago that they are aware some official servers have ongoing issues and they are investigating

it’s not that they don’t pay attention to what people report … it’s that it is slower to fix than we’d all like.


im rushing no one, i understand there are problems and you have no idea how to fix and you need to open the book :). Just the lack of information and communication takes us here Thank you for information mate.

As @Kwalya pointed out, we’re currently aware of server instability and we’re looking into it.

We apologize for the frustration this situation is causing.

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but what happens with servers ?..

1129 still down, 2 hours after Funcom responded and locked my thread about it which was the thread about it being down previously also.
So now its been down for 3+ hours with Funcom knowing about it but still no restart…

There is not 100000 developers what are able fix every bug in one patch. Just wait… They work every day. Every update what is going to fix something, there are milion new problems again and everyone just blame on forum a posting 100 times same problem jesus… Give them a time please

Servers have had issues since early early access.
Every dev update they say they are working on performance issues and it gets worse every patch.
Dont need 1000 people or 100 people, just competent people.

Also it shouldnt take hours upon hours to get a server restarted which for the moment is the best tempoary fix, we know this because when you can get gportal to restart them they work again at least until the next day.
And it takes 1 person from funcom to contact gportal with a list of servers to restart. Again that doesnt take hours each day to do.

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You cant restart server without reason. They have to check whats wrong with server, where is problem and solve it for future. Its not easy like you talking

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Well you can, because the past week we have been messaging gportal for them to restart the server and they do it and BOOM everything works again.

And i would say that the servers being down, unable to connect too or when they are up and just before they go down having nothing work is a good enough reason to restart the server.

Yes its not a fix hence why i said its the best temporary fix.

You know, maybe have people playing on the servers rather than then being down for 5 hours most days.
Funcom know there is issues they can monitor the situation while the servers are actually running.

Dont come in here saying to give them a chance they have had the chances since early access.
Dont claim you cant restart a server without a reason, claiming that nothing working and no one being able to connect is not a valid reason. Especially when it has been proven to get everything back and working.

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Our server exploded

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Yeah I’ve been watching here and at Steam.

During the end of EA we had a guy on my server who would come by my place deliberately at 2pm my time and punch my dancer. It would lock the server, which at that time was entering Raid. I watched, and this same guy would go to an EU server and harass them, then elsewhere. Point being, if there are ways to down the thing somebody will find it, and this is how it looks to me until I can find one definitive cause with my own eyes.

From what I hear, some exploit hunters are narrowing down on what might be the cause, and whether it’s deliberate. Ordinarily I’d be more incensed about this, but I’m focused on TestLive and PS4 play so it hasn’t affected me personally. I’m sorry for your downtime. :frowning:

Hey everybody,

As you all currently aware, we are investigating this issue and we would like to ask if you could provide us with some information regarding this issue. In particular, we would really appreciate if you could let us know:

Name of your server:
Time it crashed (or usually does):
Is it recurrent?:
Do you experience issues prior to the crash? (ie. being unable to hit mobs, etc):

Thank you all for your feedback, and we apologize for the frustration this situation is causing.

my fps = 60
server 1516’s FPS = 3

my ping speedtest dot net = 18
the servers ping = 400 to 800 as i am writting this.

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Asian PVP server 1336 has been unable to play for all players two days in a row now. Every player on the server is reporting in general chat the same issue of they are unable to do damage or take damage to/from NPC as well as we are all unable to harvest anything using tools. The only features working on the server for two days in a row now has been manually picking up items, map room portals, and the crafting stations. It has been great for collecting as many pets as you want unmolested however it’d be really great if we could just play the game instead. I have both screen shots and videos to prove it.

I have noticed on the few servers i have played on (official PVP) that when people start throwing up massive sandstone structres, i start getting more and more lag. Along with pets being spammed.


Name of your server: 1940, 1942 PVE-C Official
Time it crashed (or usually does): through the day at different times.
**Is it recurrent?:**Yes
Do you experience issues prior to the crash? (ie. being unable to hit mobs, etc: unable to hit mobs and they don’t hit me, unable to harvest anything and once the lag stops I can hit or harvest. Roughly 10 to 30 seconds later it crashes. Sometimes unable to relog.