What is going on with official servers?



4:00pm eastern time. Pattern. No harvest No pvp. Can’t defend against a purge. 1518 PVE-C. Can’t do anything.


Yesterday no one could harvest anything.
Today it crashed and no one could connect for over 3 hours. It went back up for a short period then crash again and haven’t been able to log in to the server again.
I have used all the forms to report an issue.
Despite submitting over 200 forms I have yet to receive a response and obviously the server is still broken.
What action can customers take to compel a paid service to provide services promised??


you must ping the server IP, :slight_smile: to have a accurate test and i think paping will let you ping the port as well


There’s a lot of garbage happening on official PVP servers. the lag in combat is unbearable and many are finding ways to use this to their advantage. Roll in place then die to invisible mobs or players killing you from 20 feet away with melee hits. Or players hitting you without their melee animations playing. It seems like a combination of in game lag and bad client/server connections that should not be tolerated. Region locking is a joke and players can get away with lag switching or high latency connections. its complete BS. Then there’s the issue of no build limits that mean lots of in game lag for players who encounter ridiculously massive bases/structures.


After the morning reset it is perfect. Smooth sailing. Not an issue at all. Its during prime time where we seem to get hit the hardest with lag and the bugs mentioned above.


EU #1035 is down for quite a while. if its not a maintenance you should probably check it out. Thanks in advance!


same on 1518 pve-c


:slight_smile: i don’t want to sound like a ■■■■■■■ but don’t you think this problem shod be fix by now ? Like you all ready know this problem has started with new new DLC that is a long time ago guys…


I think it’s not only officials servers.
On Saturday problems started also on my private server: sinking into foundations (toons, thralls, pets), immortality, unable to interact with items, lag. All players are reporting those issues.
I restarted server several times since then but it helps only for some time. Even after restart we have lags and sinking into foundations till knees.

server [PL] Turbogroszkowo - BabaGra.PL


On an upnote 1518 was working very well last evening. I logged in at 6:30 pm eastern time and experienced minimal issues


I love the game thanks for the support Devs. This has been very bad the last few days.

Server: 2588

Time it crashed: It’s been mostly evening/raiding hours after work/school.

Is it recurrent?: Yes three days, and it’s getting worse over time. Day one it worked itself out after a bit.

Do you experience issues prior to the crash? The worst of it all… I can’t hit mobs even when I don’t crash. I played 6 hours last night, and couldn’t attack Mobs, couldn’t get hurt by NPC’s, and worst off I CANNOT farm resources with tools (hand farming bugs is ok). All night. I try to hit rocks/ trees and nothing not even a sound. Not only that when I re logged in rocks where in a different spawn point. It was really odd and still didn’t work.


I know mate, and i do not understand what is the hold up. On the server i play for 6 months we use to be 35 - 40 now is only 4 online all clans have quit :frowning:

So a big thx from me as well go s to funcom. more then 30 days to fix a critical problem and still no fix.

I guess this is it for me. Time to move over and get other game. . Im done with this game. Time to pick another one (plenty fish in the see) Take care and enjoy guys.


1502 pve is down again seems to crash when we get 27 or more players on the server. usually crashes around 9:30 pm it has happened almost every single day now.


Name of your server: Official PvE #1502
Time it crashed (or usually does): 10:40pm ET
Is it recurrent?: Yes, been seeing lots of crashes over the past 2-3 weeks.
Do you experience issues prior to the crash? Yes, witnessed tonight that the server was fine with about 20-24 people on. However, as the server began to exceed that amount, stuttering, rubberbanding, and even short-range teleporting began to increase. At 27-28 (which was the count at the time of the crash), rubberbanding and lag were becoming quite severe and it was noted in chat how the server was struggling. Within 5 minutes, it went down.

Additionally, even a couple hours prior to the crash, there were several people who got DC’d yet were able to manually reconnect. Not sure if that is related or not though. I can tell you, when I connected at 17 players, everything seemed silky smooth.!

Player graph from this evening:


Thank you for the time you took to provide such detailed information :slight_smile:
We’re looking into it and this will probably be of great help to our team.


Server 1110 is down too.

Official server #1110 is down

Will it be back soon?



Official 3221 server freezes almost everytime and everywhere…( Fix please

PS4 Performance and technical issues - Feedback thread

I was instructed by management put add my info here, so here:

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [ Bug]
Server type : [PvP]
Region: [America]

I am simply unable to log in to ANY private server, regardless of whether it requires mods or not. When I try to log in for the first time, it loads for awhile and comes back saying if failed to connect. Any further attempts will go almost immediately to the error. “Authentication failed!”

I have tried logging off and back on, and even tried reinstalling the game. I still get the same error every time.

I am still able to go into official servers without issue.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.start game
2.attempt login to private server