PS4 Performance and technical issues - Feedback thread


I would love to have your stutter rate. My is WAAAY worse.



No worries. Keep us updated on progress if you can. Thanks!


Huzzah,I know you probably have it worse than that. This is me running GOOD. It seems to get worse the longer I play. And no one has been uploading videos for funcom to “evaluate “ it so I just threw one up. Either way,crap needs to be fixed NOW. The combat is fun af to me,until I drop FPS and fly 10 feet into a group of ■■■■■■■■ and lose all my crap


Going to ask a 3rd time do you test on actual ps4,ps4 slim, and ps4 pro or just pc and port it over that way. This is the 3rd time asking with no response on the other 2 times I asked beside white nights with backlash defending Fun com responding. I am leaning towards that you dont and just port over the pc version thus console isn’t really tested. Again I’m just asking don’t everyone get there panties in a bunch over a simple question just curious if you do or don’t.


Bom Dia,

  1. Em qualquer caso, quando de Raid sabemos que em algum momento estaremos pechar com algum jogador, mas quando estamos realizando o PVP buga, não podemos realizar ataques, e se o adversário se teletransporta de lado a lado. Em todos os ataques, não causaremos nenhum dano.

  2. NPCs são lentos para executar ataques em jogadores, causando a morte deles pelo mesmo.

  3. Truque de ficar submerso e realizar ataques sem perder o fôlego ou morrer, causando nossa morte no pvp.

  4. Quando nos aproximamos dos desfiladeiros, acabamos morrendo por problemas com bugs, mesmo que ficássemos na ponta do penhasco, nosso avatar caminha mais três passos até a morte.

  5. A proteção dos deuses termina antes do período de dois dias.

  6. Bombas causam menos de quatro mil danos do que antes.

  7. Obeliscos obstruidos por jogadores, impossibilitando o teletransporte no mapa.

Obrigado pela atenção, peço-lhe para trazer de volta o alerta para os jogadores do servidor para que eles não desistam de jogar Conan para ver os vários erros que eles vêem em curso ao longo do tempo.

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Ok so heres my Question how are you suspose to report server issues when the rented servers Ppl create have no server number like for instance Barbarian kingdom this server has been glitchy alot lots of rubber banding and glitching your character forward while running but i cant report the problems to the admin cause thiers no server number???


Any suggestions would be much appreciated ty.


I have my own ps4 server will do some checking there is a # along with the name perhaps in settings. Will be tonight though


Ok i’ll look into that to see if i can contact server admin or get the server number to report the the problems thanks for replying so quick.


U are welcome. Good luck


i’m just tired of slowly walking around so that the NPCs don’t gank me (animals and humans) due to being invisible. i play ARK and now FO76 and they too have some lag at times, but it is related to very very busy areas (lots of NPCs and/or structures). CE has lag ALL of the time when running fast into an area with mobs. FO76 has a very beautiful landscape even on the PS4, maybe CE needs to scale back on distance of vision and/or some of the quality of landscape to keep the mobs in view.


menu lag, running rubberbanding, sound/animation lag, and reduced graphs quality. game on PS4 has taken a turn for the worse. please test it and fix it on the PS4 funcom!


Game mode: Pvp
Problem: Constant stutter, Freezes, falling to my death, can’t defend myself in pvp etc
Region: eu (Netherlands)

I started playing before the pet update and have had this issue since the beginning, small stutters.
It gradually got worse especially with the Halloween patch. We got raided and it just became one massive slideshow. As soon as I tried to lock on to a player the screen froze completely, it was still a slideshow when I didn’t.

Quit the game for a while hoping for improvements but it got much worse.
I fall to my death due to lag easily, even when being careful and the death lagspike is twice as long. Giving me no time to select a spawn point.

I ran around a bunch of official and unoffial servers and I don’t notice any difference between them. Empty or full it doesn’t matter much.

I own a old model stock ps4, have no problems running other games.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play the game
  2. Run around
  3. Freeze, stutter, die
  4. Quit and wait for fix


Right PvP can’t fight right too much lag hit someone they take no damage they hit you and kill you take all your stuff.


Same problems even exist on pve servers. After 5 months break my wife an me startet to play again. We got a lot of fun building our base on an official server, beeing disturbed by lot of freezes …


i know your pain. I hit a guy with first to heavy’s of great start metal sword, no damage, then he pikes me from know where i am at 1/4 health.


i was out for 2 months, came back this weekend to try the pet system on the PS4.

what a mess, lag, menu lag, controler lag. it looks like graphics was turned down, not the so beautiful world it used to be and still lag death. my main is level 60 on official server 3509. we have 1 active user and sometimes 4 or 5 others online late at night. when i jump i hear my toon grunt 5-30 seconds after the action. i HEAR i am getting ganked by the mobs way before i see it (them). if a walk slowly i have a better chance but without mounts or fast travel walking slow is not an option…


I noticed that the world bosses in the jungle biome are using new moves. Good deal, but the croc will not hold aggro making it a freakishly bad fight. It just keeps randomly hitting and thrall/pets don’t help much as they barely attack the croc. They will only seem to attack if you are constantly hitting, which you can’t do because the croc opens up on you when you do. Your block is useless as it knocks you down and does 1/3 of your entire life pool in one hit. You have to sit on blocking for it to work, but the croc won’t stop attacking you because your pet/thrall won’t attack if you aren’t! Meaning you are stuck holding a shield to keep from getting 3 hit and its never taking damage. You are stuck blowing through pots to get nowhere fast. Now testlive is making bosses harder again? Could I at least get something that will attack if I am tanking or hold aggro? The demon spider, btw, goes well with the spider switching aggro appropriately and the thralls still attacking when not tanking. Why is the croc so messed up now? didn’t used to be like this.


Hey everybody,
Please keep the thread on track and do not post about other issues than those affecting performance! You can open a new thread discussing your issue, or if it is a suggestion we have its own particular subforum :slight_smile:


i am currently playing (have been for months really) Conan Exiles (took a break hoping issues would be resolved and also ran out of things to do), FallOut 76 (hit max level also and running out of things to do), and ARK. all 3 have their bugs and lag. CE seems to have the highest graphics setting but FO76 is very close IMO.

the lag and bugs in CE are the worst and has not been even close to addressed in the past 3-4 months to any result on PS4. does anyone at funcom know/have a plan to fix this massive issue? is it the hosting server issue (im on an official PVE) ??? too much graphics for the PS4? PC code that does not take advantage of console features? what is it??? can you fix it?

please disable corpse runs (item drop on official servers) until the issues is closer to a fix…set decay timers to 4 weeks so we can take a break and let you work, waiting for the next big fix. let us move to more populated servers and/or just flag our account as hit level 60, such as 60PVE, 60PVP, and 60PVECF. so we can have a choice on a new server to start at level 1 or 60…i guess my real point is we hear the funcoms issues, but give us a break to save us time and improve the fun for this game.