Freezing issue on playstation

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I can’t get my game to stop freezing since the latest update. I’ve deleted my game and re- downloaded. Nothing seems to work.

Do the creators just not care anymore?

Its not my playstation, just my exiles game. So don’t try telling me it’s my console over heating because it’s not.


Game Freeze :mag:

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Have the same problems now and then.

It is since the last update.

It seems to be only after I open the admin panel

I use it to fly while I build.

I didn’t use it at all last night and I had no problems.

Hello @Porkslap, welcome to the forums!

We’re aware that the Admin Panel may cause performance issues on the PS4, but have been unable to reproduce it on our end so far, so any additional details may help.

Could you confirm if the freezes can occur anywhere, as long as the admin panel is enabled?

Does it freeze more often in areas with higher performance impact, such as those with several structures built by yourself or higher spawned NPC count?

They happen anywhere, any time, I’ve been in the middle of nowhere collecting plants, it’ll freeze, I’ll be near my base it’ll freeze, I’ll open my inventory it’ll freeze, sometimes it’ll boot me right out of the whole game, sometimes it just locks up the screen.

I report it as often as possible, sometimes it won’t let me.
It has frozen without me accessing the admin panel, but that’s rare. It does seem to happen more often while I’m near my base but that’s only because I’ve been trying to build for the past few weeks. Can’t get very far when it freezes every 20 minutes.
But like I said it doesn’t matter where I am, it will freeze.

9 times out of 10 it’ll occur when I go to open a menu of some sort or access a box or chest.

I attached video clips to the reports I sent to Playstation

User name: Porkslap_

If that helps


Over the weekend my wife’s ps4 freezing up in game then trying to get online installed Skyrim still froze. Vacuumed with shopvac. Still froze once. Reset licenses no freeze 4 days she played offline single player and online

Hi @Porkslap. Very well summarized.
Exactly the same on my side on 1st Gen PS4, since beginning of June.
Same freezing ratio and frequency. Freezing ratio could be higher if I go more frequently to high density area (thralls and/or animated zones). There is even a zone I cannot go anymore without opening a menu here, neither admin ON, even though I deleted 80% of pets and half of thralls. But this Home Base is still Hughe and probably too “rich”. to afford the old fat PS4 cpu usage…).
And Yes I confirm that it can happen anywhere on the map …
Hi @Hugo. SOS, Same Old S…tory :slight_smile: and descriptions. Strange that your “testing” team cannot reproduce this very frequently described bug. You may have received through PSN dozens of PS4 bug freezing reports (at least coming from me). FYI I just bought yesterday saison 1 dlc’s pack and season 2 pass … I’ll keep you informed if it’s getting better or worse ;-).


Now it’s starting to freeze more without the admin panel being accessed.

Twice in one night so far.

If there’s a hat trick. I think I’m done with this game.

Oh…and there’s number three.

You know, you guys made a really beautiful, fun game, but I just can’t do it anymore, maybe I’ll check back in a year or so, maybe you’ll have actually done something to fix this mess.

You had it great until that last update.

Really sucks now.

Terrific job…

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there is nothing wrong with bumping a topic, if you have additional information to provide. however, if you keep creating more topics, not only that you won’t get any help but you may actually be muted for a while. do yourself a favour and keep it civil.


I’m well aware of what will happen, it already has.
And that’s fine.

They’re going to have to kick me off if they want me to stop.

Then I’ll just make it worse for them.

I’m going to make an observation that you are having a problem with freezing. To make sure my first sentence isn’t misinterpreted “YOU” are having a problem with freezing if others we experiencing what you are this post would be a hot topic with people sharing their similar experiences. That’s not the case and it should lead you to two conclusions

  1. No one else is on the forums to corroborate your experience.

  2. The freezing issue lies with you.

I’m not trying to be rude but I’ve read a bunch of your spam and it has me frustrated because you’re not helping yourself or any of the other forum patrons.

Let me step back. First I don’t have the issue you have. I have seen people in the past with your issue and it has been solved by the following list.

  1. A thorough cleaning of the PS4.
  2. Upgrading to a SSD
  3. Upgrading to a PS4 Pro
  4. Upgrading to a PS4 Pro With a SSD

I’ve seen people over the past 5 months point fingers at Funcom for freezing issues to only later come back and say that their hardware was to blame.

I truly hope this information helps you for two reasons. First I want you to experience the game the as it’s meant to be and secondly I don’t want to see more posts about the same issue from the same guy.

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I’ve done all of that, I’ve checked my hardware.
I’ve deleted the game from my playstation, cleaned all the files, I’m not going upgrade my entire system just for one game.

That being said, there’s quite a few other people out there with this issue. They are only finding out about this site today, guess who told them? Yours truly.

All with the same issues and glitches I have.

But I guess that it’s just me then huh?

What about @YannCool?

So go ahead and keep blaming me and my hardware when it was completely fine before the last update. When numerous other people started having this problem start.

Yeah, it’s a douche move basically spamming this board, but maybe just maybe someone will start taking the problems this game has seriously, if spamming is what I have to do. So be it.



What about this guy Wak4863?

Same issues since the last update

Thought I was the only person…

Spamming the forums isn’t going to solve the issue just create more posts for the same issue. I don’t speak for Funcom but I’m my experience they take every post seriously. They work to solve the issues that people have weather it is in fact an issue with the game or an issue with the persons equipment. I would welcome @YannCool and @Wonka as well as those that you have told to comment on the forum post. One post that is, not 42 or whatever amount you deemed necessary to get your point across.

Feedback and discussion of the issue is important and finding that all in one place certainly makes it easier to read and address.

I would just urge you to effect change in a constructive manner. You’re issue isn’t being ignored I’m sure, but it’s not a simple fix either.

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For the month and a half, sure feels like I’m being ignored.

I don’t like resorting to crap like this. I really don’t.

But let me ask you a serious question, since the last update.

How many new posts have you recieved complaining about a variety of issues with this game, compared to before said update?

Hi @Wak4863 and @Porkslap,
Indeed, spamming might not probably be the best thing to do.
But to be clear I would love this bug I’m following for month now through many different users’ posts to be managed in the next delivery… and I patiently wait for it as some people having the same problem already left the game.
Being in the informatics and Testing areas, I know that the performances, stress tests and breaking points are not the easy parts to deal with (especially when the dev is using Agile methodology). It’s easier and sometimes more efficient to let users do the tests (regression and perf tests) than to set up all the environments and perf test apps… as long as it does not affect too much the reputation of the company. The balance is tiny to maintain.
I want to believe that Funcom is seriously managing this problem and the proof of it is (as written in my previous post) that I bought last week, season 1 docs and season 2 pass that were on sold.
Upgrading to PS4 Pro SSD ? Wait for 1,5 year for the PS5 to be here ? or lower my crazy pattern pushing me to build Hughe ? Before deciding what to do I want to see what will be delivered by Funcom.
Last, note that I wrote “managed” and not “fixed”. Cannot be fixed as long as you can build and add things forever. For me a warning message like “you have reached the maximum in terms of building/Thrall usage/ etc” before the crash occurs, would be a good start.


Well, I reported freezing on PS4 and got this answer:

That was good enough for me, they are working on it. Nothing else I can do but wait and give them more information (which I did earlier, since the game is freezing even far away from buildings and water).

Sound on console has always been an issue (takes forever to load and might freeze when lots of info and you jump underwater), hovering or previewing containers have always been and issue on consoles and official servers (can only hope that can be turned off), and now when I am fighting and open my self inventory also causes a freeze (a lot, if you have over 40 items or so).

Just like @YannCool said, would love a warning or to know when is enough of building and thralls before the gameplay gets compromised.

And yes, like @Porkslap says, game may freeze on load screen if loading a populated (building, thralls) area. I even took many pets away, but hasn’t worked yet.

Note: playing on PS4 Pro 1TB.

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Hi @Wonka and thanks for the above precision.
Now I know that I will not buy right away a PS4 Pro just to expect to play smoothly at Conan Exiles.
I really appreciate this game and community and I hope we’ll all go further to still have a lot of fun.