What is going on with official servers?



Name of your server: Official PvE #1502
Time it crashed (or usually does): 10:40pm ET
Is it recurrent?: Yes, been seeing lots of crashes over the past 2-3 weeks.
Do you experience issues prior to the crash? Yes, witnessed tonight that the server was fine with about 20-24 people on. However, as the server began to exceed that amount, stuttering, rubberbanding, and even short-range teleporting began to increase. At 27-28 (which was the count at the time of the crash), rubberbanding and lag were becoming quite severe and it was noted in chat how the server was struggling. Within 5 minutes, it went down.

Additionally, even a couple hours prior to the crash, there were several people who got DC’d yet were able to manually reconnect. Not sure if that is related or not though. I can tell you, when I connected at 17 players, everything seemed silky smooth.!

Player graph from this evening:


Thank you for the time you took to provide such detailed information :slight_smile:
We’re looking into it and this will probably be of great help to our team.


Server 1110 is down too.

Official server #1110 is down

Will it be back soon?



Official 3221 server freezes almost everytime and everywhere…( Fix please

PS4 Performance and technical issues - Feedback thread

I was instructed by management put add my info here, so here:

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [ Bug]
Server type : [PvP]
Region: [America]

I am simply unable to log in to ANY private server, regardless of whether it requires mods or not. When I try to log in for the first time, it loads for awhile and comes back saying if failed to connect. Any further attempts will go almost immediately to the error. “Authentication failed!”

I have tried logging off and back on, and even tried reinstalling the game. I still get the same error every time.

I am still able to go into official servers without issue.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.start game
2.attempt login to private server


Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PVP
Region: EU

After one day is server down again. Before he crash was laging as very much


If you guys are having tons of issues with official why not join a private dedicated server with Admins who monitor whats going on and fix issues that appear?


is hard to leave back 6 months of grind :frowning: Starting over from scratch will end up with me leaving the game i cannot do all that farm one more time :smiley: (again this is my opinion it dos not mean im right)


Na, it takes a few hours to level to 60 on our server. It’s x3 and coming over with friends makes it quite a bit of fun, plus you can’t be wiped while you are sleeping.


well that another problem :slight_smile: Im pro-raid , online/offline, stilling etc… that is one of main reason i pick this game cause all of this. I do not mind loosing all in a fight or on ride when i was offline and i did not protect my base. but i get angry and frustrated if i lost something cause a bug or some technical problem ( not like we have technical problems or lag or spikes, just saying if it will happen)


The only difference is require someone to post in discord an hour ahead of time to allow the clan to mount a defense. I would agree if you are just about wiping someones base while it’s 3am then it’s not the place for you, but if you enjoy a lag less Major PVP battle were you get to earn the right to wipe someone then WoE is 100% the place you want to place.

Our Server FPS with pets and thralls is always over 10 with a ping around 100-200 when we are player capped 60/60 without any studdering issues. We just reduced the cap due to another bug where players are unable to damage anything once we hit 70/70 and random crashes due to the game core pegging to 100% and taking too long to respond. Once this is fixed we’ll revert to 70 player cap.


It’s awful right now. I have to log in at least 3x before I can actually play the game. It will kick me back to my home screen almost immediately after loading up. If I die I go straight to the desert even with a bed marked. Creatures will freeze in place only to teleport behind me and take half my health in an instant. Still a great game but these problems should’ve been fixed last year. Starting to play more ARK instead smh


Mister Columbo any news on your investigation ?

Ignasis (CS): We’re currently investigating .


@Ignasis, it looks like PvE #1502 may have been hacked:

  • Cannot harvest
  • Cannot damage or KO enemy animals or humans
  • Placed thralls are twitching in place
  • Extreme lag
  • Lights take forever before they turn on
  • When you equip a tool or weapon, character takes the pose of holding one, but the tool/weapon may not ever show up in hand
  • No lights or sound cues on maproom when selecting a destination

I’ve uploaded a video recording of the issue in case that helps to troubleshoot what’s going on, and made certain to scroll thru the player list a few times in case you or anyone else may recognize a known hacker.


Same problem…server#1005


and again time passes, and the same issue torment us all players of conan exiles… it seems we are a joke to funcom eh? oh well, one can dream, and try and try again…here we go

server# 1518
no harvest
no dmg
and holyday timers still on

i just bought the jewels of the west pack like 5 days ago and i was so excited to come back to conan (400+ hours now)

but this sh1tshow makes me regret my purchase…


#1502 has gotten worse since initial report a few hours ago. In addition to the prior issues:

  • Players can’t see each other moving
  • Cannot eat or drink
  • Changing outfits is not reflected on character’s body, only visible in inventory


Hey everybody,

Quick update: we aim to release a hotfix for this and other issues regarding server stability as soon as possible. QA is currently testing it internally and it should come live sometime this week. Thanks everybody for your patience and all the feedback provided.

Next patch ? no news since 22 dec