PVP Server 1127 is unplayable since friday 30

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server official pvp 1127 Unplayable]
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[Describe the bug here] I was play on friday 30 and the server for some reason,start lag,after a while i reboot the client and i was inside of the floor,we couldnt open a door,the response time was like 30 s and then loop back again,i brought this game to enjoy and today is tuesday and the server continue the same,we put a ticket on G-portal tweeter and they said that they going to look on it ,but they didnt nothing the server continue the same,so im very piss with all this,hope you consider this info important and fix asap the issue for us to enjoy back the game, idk if this is a DDOS attack or is the servers issues but please make something happen.thank you! cybrax9

Everything cybrax just said is true. Server is broken and has been since at least friday. Have already message G-Portal but they either ignore messages or do nothing to fix problems.
This is simply just not good enough. I have important raiding to do and purge to defend against but game is lagging so badly it is not even playable. Can’t even open doors and walk through them because of 15 seconds + delay times.


Plis fix ASAP!

We want to play blood and sand but all I’ve got right now is sand in my front bum*. GET IT SORTED. Please.

Still not working… does anyone working @ funcom even give the smallest ■■■■ about this?
Completely unplayable for days now.


A number of servers have been attacked and everyone has reported, but they have left the problem for a long time.
g-portal and FUNCOM have not modified anything for a month.

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