Server 1111 not work all day

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The server is not patched yet :frowning: “invalid version”…

please proceed with the hotfix Funcom :slight_smile:

It’s their weekend, so probably won’t reply until Monday. More importantly, you didn’t fill out a single piece of info the form requested, so you should probably fix that.

Hey @Vlad

Server 1111 is up and running correctly at this moment. Are you still experiencing this issue?

yes server down @Ignasis

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This server has been unstable for several days (4-5 days)! Very frequent DDoS attacks. Play there is not possible. Administrators do not show any reaction.

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server down again can you take a look at 1111? @Ignasis

Hey all,

Server 1111 should be healthy again. G-Portal informed us of a network attack over the past few days and they’ve adjusted their filters accordingly.
Apologies for the frustration.

It’s not healthy. It’s online but not able to join it.

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