Official Server 1127

I come back again with this request.
The official server 1127 from 3 moths crash every day, 2 times a day. Server stays online no one can connect. The lag is huge every day. We are 40 players on that server. We use that google form 100000 times every day no one cares!!

Pleas tell us what to do ! are you gonna fix this problem who is there for moths ? You must understand this problem with this server 1127 is there for months and it is every day. We cannot w8 no more it is to much. If you are not capable to offer us a decent server shoot them down guys. I have support this game buy all meas and i have all DLC but i feel Funcom gives 0 Fuc… on us. What is the point of having this game if you cannot play it on official servers.
All this frustration comes after months of lag and continues disconnects, loosing items , body etc…
This server 1127 must be fix or shot down 3 moths of lag is to much.

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