Official server 1125 CONSTANTLY shutting down

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [EU]

The server is permanently falling, sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours, 4-10 times A DAY. Every time the server falls please put a comment in this thread so devs can understand how many people is getting upset for this issue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Log in server pvp official 1125
2.Try to play
3.See what I mean?
4.Start Again

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Now disconnected again… 3rd time this afternoon

1125 1126 1127

Again server 1125 is crashed/down/offline

As did 1127…again!


And, OF COURSE; AGAIN sever 1125 CRASHED; are you gonna do something about it ???

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And now that the server comes back loads a security copy of more than 2 hours ago… IF THIS IS THE KIND OF

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1125 Located in OvH Uk DC

And AGAAAAAAAIN !!! Good job guys!!! another crash!!! roll back this time again??

And after ONE HOUR is still down… please phone the guy in the UK and tell him to press the stupid reset bottom, if that’s not too much effort for him

maybe you should try private server, i know it’s not the solution but on a good privat server you will not have this issue

We payed for the game, we demand official stable servers, we deserve it, we are not supposed to hire our own private servers, do we? Devs MUST offer official stable freecharge servers. They must fix those that are causing problems, like the UK cluster 1125, 1126 and 1127, and give a touch to the nerds there cousing issues constantly, couse there are a pretty big base of players playing in those servers for a LONG TIME, and this problems where not present two weeks ago, so NO, definetly we are not gonna go to other servers. They are gonna fix them ASAP.

maybe you should juste stop to play, too mutch rage in your post.
It’s offen a symptoms when you play too mutch a game.

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Maybe you should focus in other posts and stop trolling this one. Nobody has asked you anything, you don’t even play in the server either, so why are you talking? Rat-kid

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