Official Server 1127 EU PVP keeps crashing

Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash/Performance
Region: EU

As the title suggests. The server keeps crashing. 16 times these past 2 weeks I have witnessed the server crashing. Sometimes for half hour, sometimes 10 hours it will be down. Depending on if its a week day or a weekend. And each and every time, everything stops. The wheel of pains stop working, tanners, fire bowls, furnaces. And you have to go around again starting them up. And since its a PVP server, if you are unlucky enough not to be around when the servers come back, someone will come a long and kill/steal all your hard earned gear if you are out and about in the world. It’s really starting to grate on me. I love this game, but please, could someone look into these crashes? And it’s very much random when it happens. A conflict broke out last night and the server had 2 raids and 12+ people fighting, and the server was fine. Then now, 6 people online non raid time and boom, down, three times in a row!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log into EU PVP server 1127
  2. Wait a few hours
  3. Wait for a few hours while it crashes and comes back up
  4. Rinse and repeat

1125 crash too

4 crash after server reboot

Annnnd another crash.

Probable same dedicated server
Hardware Problem


1125 1126 and 1127 currently offline

Have same ip and located in OvH Uk DC

Admins please repair

Annnnd again! Crashed!!! It was up just 5 minutes this time!!


Down again, got to 6 minutes this time!!

Down again, was up for 5 minutes…

And here we go again. It was stable after 10pm. Until now. It’s now gone down again. Please , can ANY admin help with this?

1125 is down again, this is the 20th time in a few days… please fix the servers issues!

Can we please get any response ?

Annnd it’s down again!

Just jumping on this band wagon to say 1127 is down and piping in to say it does crash a few times a day.

Adding to this. Picked up the game last week, have played a lot. The server works fine most of the time, but frequently crashes.

Three days and no response? This is getting out of hand. Because of the many bugs that effect this game. Everything stops when the server crashes and resets. A T4 that takes 20 hours to break, is taking almost twice as long because of the restarts. The wheels of pain stop, furnaces, firebowls. It’s just getting out of hand. Lots of people are just abandoning the server. What went from having to queue to log in, has seen it become a ghost server. And still no response…I am at my wits end!

6th day and still no response ? Server is down yet again…

Confirming server is indeed down again. Though it has been more stable of late the player base is diminishing!

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