Official Server #1125 offline again

Problems again with server 1125 (and 1126, 1127, 1128, 1129 and 1130, at least)

“All together, right noooow” (like the beatles song) DOWN AGAIN :slight_smile:

If it’s a scheduled server update/reset, would be great that you set up a timer/announcement before the shut down… because every time this happens, happens too that we loose all our inventory.

Wow… Crashed again… now please, I’m gonna ask you guys to tell me an EU server pvp that doesn’t crash during hours every single day… PLEASE, tell me one that is 100% of the time online and I will start from 0 again there. You should be more carefull about this stuff, is an ONLINE GAME… if your servers are constantly crashing, people will abandon the game (not everyone is so patient like I am).

I can confirm 1127 also crashed…again…

These are the WORST servers I have ever played ANY game on. Please, for the love of GOD! Sort it out !

1019 also look at please this is frustrating

And 3rd time crashed right now… 3 crashes in less than 4 hours… It´s frustrating… now instead of repeating the mantra of “FIX THE GAME” we are gonna start the mantra of “FIX THE SERVERS”

Annnnd 1127 server is down…again!

And offline again… you are not taking care and we are giving up guys, nice game but worst maintenance EVER

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