Server 1127 PC EU PVP keeps crashing part 2

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash
Server type:PvP
Region: EU

Once again EU PVP server 1127 has crashed. I would have continued the last thread I started making and noting the crashes, but the thread has been closed. Without a resolution I might add. Please can someone at least reply to these complaints!

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Server 1125 is still down, since last night…

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There is an announcement here from a couple days ago about these servers. Please take a look here:

Thanks for the info. The server has indeed come back online. All the settings seem to be the same, but you cannot damage any buildings. It is past the start of raid time and no bombs/weapons/grease orbs with Dreagonfire orbs combined, damage any property. Yours or any others. I don’t know whats going on here…

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Annnnnd the server has crashed again! So much for the maintenance!

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And server 1125 Crashed a minute ago AGAIN…

Three questions:

  1. If the maintenance announced is around 20 minutes, why the hell the server has been offline 5 hours this morning?

  2. If the maintenance was expected to end at 13.00 and it’s a MAINTENANCE (so issues fixed) WHY the server crashed again now at 18.48 ?

  3. What kind of game are you playing with us guys? Is that you want to see us entering in rage every single day? Shut down definetly servers that are not working as spected please and tell us where to play.

TELL US WHERE TO PLAY and stop turning on and off servers 1125, 1126 and 1127, stop LYING us please. We just want to play in STABLE servers. Tell me where please.


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