Officiaal server

Hello to all
We have a problem with official pvp server for one month we re 40 ppl on ll the time and the server lags crash every day for on month. Server is online no one can connect every day. How is this possible FUNCOM ? you have 10 server from 1000000 who are populated and you manage to screw us every day. Why do you spend recurses on 10k empty servers and you do not manage 10 full servers. Is so hard to fix it ? is bean one moth of lag connection problem for all players we play with 800 ping and servers fps 3 this is not cool, we use your server tool (google forum) 10000 times and no action.

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This web site lies on up time server is bug he is online no one can connect and this problems is every day. after 16:00 every day you canto play Ping 800 -1000 server fps 3 /4

Hey there,

I gather you’re reporting issues on server #1127. I’ve sent notice to the server provider to try and get it up and running again.


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can you pleas ask them to fix it ? we have huge lag every day for more then a moth

Thank you very much for your fast replay

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