1040 offical server big LAGS!

We are 20-30 people online when the server lags like hell or crashes !!!
pls look into this…
this is so anying…


Also on #1040 Official, lag happens daily, over 1000ms, you regularily have to wait several seconds for the server to respond to any actions. Server crashes about once a day during these lags.

This is really out of the ordinary lag compared to other servers and it makes the server unplayable for easily an hour almost every day. Please look into this.


Lag appears even with 10 players… EVERY DAY … that’s not normal


Just right now, Official Server #1040 crashed again with 4(!) Players online and completely out of the blue, Server is now offline.

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Better move this topic from Suggestions to Updates and Bugs PC, more effective. I have same problem on 1094 pvp.

I actually can’t find the server now. Just a bunch of Russian servers with 120+ ping, and some officials with 80+ ping. None of the ones I scouted before I joined this one either. What’s going on?

And once again Server #1040 crashed after serious lag and can’t be accessed for now over 30 minutes.


As soon as #1040 was up and running again, we got a message the server would reboot in 10 Minutes. Which it did. Now it is unavialable AGAIN!!!

You really don’t want us to play your game, do you?

Please use the forum sections correctly. This is the suggestions category and this post doesn’t fall into that purpose.