Server 1043 lag problem continues

We are experiencing massive lag almost every day all the players are disappointed, the lag keeps some time for a full hour we can’t play like that …

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Last time players from 1043 made a thread on this forum about the problems it has with hight ping , an official server btw , not someone with a pc in his garage , we were told that you took notice of our problem that makes the game unplayable , and you will go talk to g portal about that , after all that time we got this respons here , we are 100 % sure , you either said that to throw dust in our eyes so we shut up or you actually did made a open letter to g portal about theyr problem and they just dont care or are not capable of doing anything .
The server has issues EVERYDAY , there is not a day when you dont have a few instances of 1020 ping , there is no defined hour , or players , or day .
Server 1043 has new players all the time , that quit cause they hit this lag problem .
Please take this serious .Its very frustrating , so much that it leads to a lot of ppl quiting .

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The server is unplayable really it lags for 10 mins every 20 mins .

Use the Report Official Server button at the bottom left of the server selection screen. This will alert GPortal that there is an issue with the server. Since I do not really play online (ISP lag issues) it is best that one of you report this. I have alerted Funcom, but they are out of the office until Monday (Oslo time).

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