Server 1043 huge lag problems

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [ Performance ]
Server type: [ PvE-Conflict ]
Region: [1043]

Hello first of all and happy holidays , happy for everybody else except the comunity from server 1043 , that s been unable to have a nice peacefull time while playing the game they love these days , cause most of us even forgot how it is to play this game without the constant lag spikes that occur a few times a day , there are players that dont leave the safety of theyr houses because they are afraid that the lag will catch them outside , and from a nice farming or pvping day turns out in another one of loseing all your stuff and dieing cause of 1020 ping , there is something seriously wrong with the server , we all realize that the server are rented from a second company , but man , they are not doing theyr job at all or they get ddosed and have no protection . Respect and salutations , exile from 1043 Samu

Hello @Samurica, thank you for getting in touch, we’ll send note to the team to determine what could be the issue behind the server’s performance.


Mostly the lag is beginning before PVP-Time is starting 16:50h CET or when there are more than 30 Players on the server and sometimes just random.

We think that the purge can mess up the server, its a bit buggy sometimes (the purge).

After the last Update the server isnt crashing anymore after the lag starts, but the lag would take around 5-10 mins and then its fine again.

I hope this can help to find the problem.

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