We are at our last meter of patience

Hello my name is Samu , and i m a member of the 1043 community .
Please of the love of crom , why are you trying to kill this game for us , why after months of reports and threads on this forum in bug section general section , all the section , after actually makeing a habbit to report the g portal the server , there is no solution or at least official statement ?

I understand , you have lots of servers , with lots of players . I understand the servers are not in your care and they are outsourced to g portal . I understand you have a contract with them that maybe is for a few years and you cant change the provider , or you dont have the financial power to do so .

What i dont understand is how an OFFICIAL SERVER can be so laggy and nobody says anything , i mean the reports are there , the complains , are you powerless to g portal , tell us at least .What must we do in order to actually play this game as it was intended to be played .
Server 1043 was one of the most populated and well regarded pve-c servers at one time , its not anymore . It has become as common as saying hello , to see a new player that just joined the server asking " its laggy like that all the time , every day ? " and we answer no , in hopes that they wont leave the server cause from a time when you had to wait to get a spot on the server now you are happy if you see a few ppl at the best hours .

Your lack of involvment and general attitude almoust … killed our server ( well your server ,and our community ) .
Please for the last time , we are tired of constant lag , we are tired of playing a game thats more laggy then when dial up was the best internet connection .

since i saw that you have to mention some ppl to get the attention i m going to do that i hopes of a meaningfull reply @Ignasi @Hugo @Jens_Erik

Regards , Samu .

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