Official servers other than g-portal?

Hi there!

First of all, this is a great game and I think the servers are performing quite O.K. in most situations. However, whenever there’s a 5+ player activity in a zone like a PvP combat or a raid, the whole server starts slowing down. On our server, when 2 major clans clash with explosives and dozens of thralls, we can get a 10-15 minutes of no-damage bug that ruins not only the raiding experience but also all the other activities on the entire server.

I know that due to it’s player driven nature the game can be very demanding of any server. But I really think we deserve some better performing servers in addition to the g-portal ones.

In EU, we have many servers with 0-1/40 players during raid times. So instead of having those dead servers up, can we get new official servers with a different and more advanced provider? I’m not an expert on server technologies but I really think that in 2019 you can actually find servers that can perform way better than the current ones.

Would really love to see any type of answer to this. Thanks in advance!

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It seems to be a hardware issue through the provider. We have hosted with them for a while and whenever we have more players on the lag is real. Our members have reported a lot of issues when they gather in areas. The main bugs that pop up on twitter and in the forums happen a lot when we burst over 10 and 20 members online at a time (repeated kicks, falling through the map, glitching through walls, losing pets/thralls through the map, boss mobs not behaving, etc). Even our entire server was wiped recently when it just decided to stop all by itself and not restart.

Something worth considering is having you or a friend host your own server.

Obviously for that to work you need to have someone with a decent internet line and a spare machine with enough oomph, but that brings many benefits in terms of how you can tweak the server to run as well as possible, including custom rules, multiple restarts per day, etc…

This is a wide spread issue. #1516 crashes on a regular basis, and it’s not even a PVP server. it’s a PVP-C server. Telling your players to invest in paying for their own servers just to play the game Funcom sold us is really a bad answer to what is fundamentally a problem on Funcom’s end.

If I knew I would be required to either pay for a private server, or play singleplayer to enjoy the game I paid $40 for as it was intended to be played… I likely wouldn’t have bought the game at all.

I’m sure you have no position in marketing with Funcom - but that was still a really insulting answer to offer after what all of us long term players have put up with from these poor servers.

I was not implying any such things, sorry if that message was not clear: It just happens that there are many people in the world who happen to have internet lines and machines lying around that are powerful enough to run a Conan game server comfortably, and some of these persons don’t know it’s actually a possibility to run your own server.

I was not suggesting to go out buying some equipment, I’m just one of the programmers who happens to be working on a tool that aims to make managing your own server less painful :slight_smile:

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It isn’t about hosting your own server. It really shouldn’t come down to that. Disregard the fact that most great ISPs that could support that have data caps or the plans that don’t are very pricey. Second, when any amount of players over about 10 gets on, the game itself, not just the server, begins to have lag as well as game performance issues. I’m no experienced programmer so I can’t write a paragraph on technical details of porting the game to console but I have decades of experience on PC and console with games, mods, server managing, ports of games, etc. They could do a much better job at stability. I am not trying to take away from the efforts they are putting into things, but there is definitely room for improvement.