G Portal Server "performance"

Game mode: Online
Problem: Performance
Region: EU
Internet: 400 Mbit

The lag Spikes (fighting f.e. rhinos impossible) of the G Portal servers are not acceptable. Its a great game but fighting the environment vs lag kills the whole fun.
Will there be other Server Provider like Nitrado in the near Future?


Same here.

Its a fun game, but its partially unplayable with all the lag going on. Bigger animals are teleporting, even bigger groups of thralls (eg 3 guys in the pirate ship) are giving you a hard time.
I would love to rent a server on gportal, but besides of not being able to rent one because of server shortage, i am afraid that the gportal server are not very good. A lot of people complaining about resetting server settings or not being able to deliver enough servers is a little bit frustrating and seems unprofessional. And the fact, that they raised the minimum slots for their server from 10 to 20 is only a sign of greed. Okay, the price per slot dropped from 0.90c to 0.80c, but srsly? Creating a shortage and then charging double is not very nice for those who want to play with less then 10 buddys like me.
Please take Nitrado into the boat and let us buy servers from them.

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we are experiencing the same problems with our new private server from g-portal. Fighting is often impossible and ends up in a sudden death. Playing makes no sense and fun.

I don´t know the exact problem but I guess that it has to do with the internet access at g-portal or the utilization of the physical hardware? So it schould be no problem to upgrade the internet acces or the physical hardware. They should see if there´s an overload or an bottleneck.

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It seems to matter where you are. When in News Asgard even two players will get out of sync and what I see and my friend sees is completley different. Something is broken as hell either at the providers settings or in the game itself.

Other places works better, but in all honesty it’s more often then not that its better to go solo, cause someone else near you will lag you out.

I get lag Spikes from time to time but only like 1 - 3 seconds and really very rare. Perhaps it’s because i’m using 32 gigs of ram so I donot notice this at all but yea i can imagine the Frustration. Give it a bit of time they will hotfix soon i’m sure! I’m on pc though!

Oceania ping rate still so high, dropped from 270 to 92 but this delay causes fighting to be horrible. Especially the rhino theres no animation, just standing then omg im inside it.

I wonder why they aren’t provisioning their own servers with something like AWS… I’m not sure why it is such a big deal in today’s world of devops and configuration management.

Don’t see why it lags so much with only 40 people on the server. It’s crazy.