We need more ps4 server hosts

I mean once upon a time g-portal was great. However Now they seem to blame the customer for their crashes. I mean 20 dollars might not be a lot to many but for me it is. I have had 2 monthes of my server spending more time down than up. Perhaps We really need more hosting companies.


There was another host but, they dropped the support for Conan on PS4, they only have it on Xbox and PC.

They do host other PS4 games… :thinking:

that’s so sad :-(. I do have exiles on pc but the friends I have who plaY are on ps4. As we often hate being forced to stay together cause of co-op’s silly tether I said hey I can get the server. I don’t have the time to invest playing on public due to life. LOL G-Portal I am guessing it taking on more than they actually can handle I feel like.

It would mean more if Gportal could tell us how we caused a crash.


They might reveal it after the patch, saying anything now may encourage others to do it on other servers.

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Doesn’t Gportal allow you access to see your crash logs? It’s probably the lootall bug or something.

Good :+1:point. When mine was going down for a few days in a row there were no admin on line to my knowledge. Two of us were asleep for sure other would have sent me a message. Plenty of other players did. My wife and I did blue. Screen in our base yesterday but we were using admin alot repairing our place after a event over the weekend.

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For me G-portal would say server running but it was not. All day server not in my ps4 list till I manually restart . That michelle said . OHH that’s a memory leak I sugest doing auto restart 2x a day. Yet it persisted. Then my server ping went to 9999 they claimed it means nothing. YET myself and 4 others could not enter the server. They said OHH but on who’s end? Like some how 6 differant people has bad internet? I am hardwired connected with 934 down 40 up. Though on ps4 we all know those speeds don’t reflect due to ps4’s network adaptor. Still. two months of this? Of course noone wants to play on a server if it is down most of the time. Most nights we are lucky to even get 3 hours of play without a sudden crash…

I feel like if we are forced to pay for our servers we should beable to count on it being up more than it spends down. I understand things happen and wouldn’t complain if the servers we pay for crashes sometimes.

G-portal really needs to realize it isn’t always on the customer’s end.


Server was down last night when I got home took about 45 minutes to get it back up. Sent ticket. Some things about don’t send 2 tickets . Hard to send ticket on phone.

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