Gportal private server continuous crashes

Hello everybody. I hired a private server with gportal. I have had frequent crashes during the day lately. The gportal keeps telling me it’s a problem with the game and they can’t do anything. This situation is frustrating. I can’t find a solution and my players complain about this thing that doesn’t seem to happen to all servers. I don’t know if the crashes are caused by some setting I made, but they keep saying it depends on the game. That is from a Crash Exploit. But when I ask why it only happens on my server, they tell me I’m out of luck. I don’t know what to do, I’m thinking of not renewing the subscription with gportal because it’s a waste of money but first I wanted to ask you for some attempts to solve. Thank you so much


il tuo server è andato in crash a causa di un bug del software Conan, il report di crash è stato inviato a funcom, ma forse questo viene richiamato da un giocatore quando usa un Crash Exploit, qui il Crashlog:

[2021.04.30-19.46.26: 172] [601]

Stack di script:

[2021.04.30-19.46.26: 398] [601] LogWindows: Errore: === Errore critico: ===
[2021.04.30-19.46.26: 398] [601] LogWindows: errore:
[2021.04.30-19.46.26: 398] [601] LogWindows: Errore: errore irreversibile!
[2021.04.30-19.46.26: 398] [601] LogWindows: errore:
[2021.04.30-19.46.26: 398] [601] LogWindows: Errore: Eccezione non gestita: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION indirizzo di lettura 0x000003f8
[2021.04.30-19.46.26: 398] [601] LogWindows: errore:
[2021.04.30-19.46.26: 398] [601] LogWindows: Errore:! 0x0000000000000000
[2021.04.30-19.46.26: 398] [601] LogWindows: Errore:
[2021.04.30-19.46.26: 404] [601] LogExit: esecuzione di StaticShutdownAfterError

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@CristianBoss are you playing on Ps4 or on a PC? Either way you should send this information to Zendesk

My Ps4 server went down yesterday. I had to restart it from work with my phone.

Hello. The server is on playstation. I have already sent to zendesk but no response. In addition to crashes, the server sometimes goes offline and until I put it back online I stay off. Bad experience with both funcom and gportal.

I have this issue as well. I am on Xbox. But word for word same problem.


I have had mine up almost since the game started not had to many issues. Have heard from others that some things that are spawned with admin can crash the game . Are you the only admin? As far as settings I don’t know what would crash it there. Mine is Xp boosted and a few other things. There’s some things in Gportal site I have never touched.

Yes, I’m the only administrator. I only changed the things I knew for example exp, craft speed, purge, sandstorm, duration day and night, hunger and thirst etc. I have not touched on parameters that I do not know. But this problem has been occurring lately. I thought I’d reset the settings and change only the essentials. But the server is fine for the players. At least I had the certainty that resetting it resolves I would run the risk. I really don’t know what to do. A month ago I didn’t have these problems.

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Hey @CristianBoss

We’re aware of this issue and it’s been fixed with update 2.4, which is coming to PS4 this month.
Sorry for the frustration this issue will cause until then.


Mine is down right now and so is a friend’s from Alaska. Hit restart a bit ago time to check.

This is the answer I got today from Gportal. @Ignasis @Community

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@sestus2009 Just to confirm, Funcom are aware of the reported crash in the opening post but if the issue is that your server is not able to boot after a crash, then this must be something else.


That depends on the issue they are referring to. If it is the crash that @CristianBoss reported initially in the thread, that one we are aware and a fix for it is coming in 2.4.
That issue however, should not stop a server from starting (what it does is crash it via player intervention).

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They worked on it yesterday said it was fixed. I set reset for 5:45 this morning it shut down and came back up before I left for work about 2 hours ago recieved started to recieve messages it was down. So somewhere along the line it crashed. Kinda tough doing this from work on a. Phone. Should have added that to begin with.


I added a little more information thanks


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