Repeated server crashes

So once again our private server is experiencing server crashes.
How are we ment to keep the playerbase alive when we cannot even access the servers.
Gportal tells us it’s a in game issues.
Funcom tells us it’s a gportal issue.
Combined with the lack of response, updates and mantinance from funcom it’s no wonder the playerbase has dwindled to such a little amount of players.
Our server hosts 30 players on constantly it’s actually remarkable how amazing out community of players is that they have stayed with us for so long, but we are reacing the end of our tether.
Please someone sort out these constant issues.

Gportal are fully putting the blame on funcom in our communications but the server itself is not crashing the connection is lost, all we are told to do is wipe or await funcoms response? Yet we’ve been waiting for 2 months for a update with no luck.

We are a busy pve c on ps4 we have a constant 20+ players on throughout the day constantly playing, even at our quietest times we still have 15 players online at once. We’ve worked hard for nearly 2 years to keep the server running but we are getting the same answers every time from gportal when the server crashes.

It now crashes every 5 minutes, players and admin cannot get online its unplayable.

Can anyone help us.

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