Server #8141 is a mess

The server #8141 PvE - g-portal Latin America is having some major issues. Im playing on that server for almost a month and over the last two weeks, the game crashes with no reason and the server goes offline for some time. It usually happens once, may e twice ina week but for the last two days I couldn play because the server went offline.

Ive tried to contact GPortal but they cant do anything, saying that Funcom is responsible for the servers. Today, I was playing with friends until the game crashed and Im waiting for more almost 2 hours for the server to be back online without success and I dont know even if will be back online tonight. Is frustrating.

Can someone PLEASE help me out with that matter? Its absurd.

Heya Gabriellobo and welcome to the forums!

Only option you have at the moment would be to fill out a support ticket at Zendesk and hopefully they can get the server checked out, asap. (Choose Official server perfomance as the request type and fill out the rest)

Don’t forget to tell your friends to fill out tickets too because more tickets could bring more attention to this issue. GPortal’s servers are known to be pretty wacky so I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high… still, hopefully your server situation improves.